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 Solo Ticket

The Solo Ticket

Solo has changed for the better

For use on all buses across Merseyside, no matter who operates the service. 
Every Solo ticket now covers the whole of Merseyside, which means you can use it on any bus across the region. We're making bus travel better and easier.
Click here for how to make the most of your Solo ticket!

Solo Options
Term Time SoloTerm Time Solo

Now available to use until midnight during term time, Monday-Friday
We have listened to our student customers and as a result we have removed the 8pm restriction on Term Time Solo Tickets. They are now more
attractive, especially if you have evening lectures, part time jobs or evening plans. You can now travel for longer on your Term Time Solo Ticket. Weekend restrictions still apply. You can buy one at any Merseytravel Centre. The Term Time Solo Ticket can be used anywhere in Merseyside, on any bus.

One Day SoloOne Day Solo
Available to use at any time on any day
We have now introduced the new One Day Solo Ticket, which is great for part-time workers or students who don’t make five return bus journeys a week. You can buy your ticket from the bus driver and it can be used on any operators' bus. The One Day Solo Ticket can be used anywhere in Merseyside, at anytime, on any bus.

All Area SoloAll Area Solo
The new way to travel across Merseyside for less
We have now simplified travel and have reduced the price of All Area Solo Tickets. Now your Solo Ticket is valid on all bus services across the whole of Merseyside. And it's up to 30% cheaper than the old All-Area Solo.

 Young Persons' Solo
Young Persons' 4-weekly Solo
Value for money with the new 4-weekly Solo Ticket
If you are aged 18 or under, you can now buy a 4-weekly Solo on a Walrus Card. It offers better value than buying four one-week Solo Tickets. You can buy it from any PayPoint retailer or Merseytravel Centre. 

One Area SoloOne Area Solo
Travel across the whole of Merseyside with your Solo ticket 
You no longer have to work out in which area you want to travel as your Solo Ticket is valid right across the whole of Merseyside. Travel further - no limits!

Prices vary depending on your travel needs. Why not use our Solo Ticket Fare Finder to see what pricing options are available. Solo Fare Finder
Solo Ticket Prices
Where to Buy
One Day Solo Available from your bus driver
​Weekly Solo ​PayPoint Store and Merseytravel Centres
​4-weekly Solo ​PayPoint Store and Merseytravel Centres
​Term Time Solo ​Merseytravel Centre
​Annual Solo ​Merseytravel Centre






Compare Tickets

Walrus Smartcard ​Paper Ticket
​​Weekly Solo
Use at any time, on any day. Activates on your first journey after purchase.
One Day Solo
Use at any time, on any day.
4-weekly Solo
Use at any time, on any day. Activates on your first journey after purchase.
Term Time Solo
Use Monday to Friday until midnight during term times only.
Annual Solo
Use at any time, on any day.

Not sure if the Solo ticket is the best option for you? Use our ticket comparison page to quickly compare the differences between other ticket options.
Bus and rail operators may offer their own prepaid tickets which could give you better value for your journey. Please click here for details of how to contact them.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the latest changes to Solo Tickets.
Season Ticket Booklet

Merseytravel's Tickets for Adults (19+) 2017 Booklet

Merseytravel's Tickets for Young People (5-18) 2017 Booklet

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