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 Environmental Report

Environmental Report 2013/14

Welcome to Merseytravel’s environmental report for 2013/14.

It is our mission ‘To improve the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of the Liverpool City Region, by leading the delivery of the third Local Transport Plan and enabling an integrated transport system that
is high quality, customer focused and
provides value for money.’

We aim to achieve our environmental objectives under six priority areas of:

1. Minimising the Impact of Transport and Travel
2. Reducing our Energy Use and Emissions
3. Conserving Resources and Managing Pollution and Waste
4. Environmentally Sustainable Infrastructure and Services
5. Engagement with Partners and Stakeholders
6. Environmental Performance and Monitoring

Supporting these priorities are goals, mechanisms, indicators and targets.  The section below highlights some achievements under each priority area during 2013/14. Click on the highlight titles to find out what else we have achieved and progress against our targets.


Overall progress summary table 2013/14

Priorities, Indicators and Targets Progress
 Bicycle iconPriority 1: Transport and Travel
Number of engine running fines recorded by Merseytravel Green
90% of vehicles on Supported Bus Services & SQBPs willl use a minimum of Euro III or equivalent engine standard or lower emission fuels or technology by 2016 Green
​Achieve standards in Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 & Air Quality Standards Regulations 2007 Green
Bulb iconPriority 2: Energy use and emissions
Reduce carbon dioxide equivalent footprint by 7.2% by 2016 Blue
​Targets in biennial staff survey ​not carried out in 2013/14
Recycling iconPriority 3: Resources, pollution and waste
Achieve level 5 on Sustainable Procurement Task Force Felxible Framework by 2016 ​not monitored in 2013/14
​Total volume of water consumed in m3 at key locations Green
​Amount of office paper ordered in tonnes Green
​Amount of waste recycled in tonnes Green
Tunnel iconPriority 4: Infrastructure and services
100% of projects fully funded by Merseytravel meet environmental appraisal thresholds ​thresholds not in use
​Climate change adaptation response in place by the end of 2012 ​alternative approach being taken
Butterfly iconPriority 5: Engagement
90% of staff by March 2016 to have passed environmental awareness training Green
​Environmental communications plan completed by March 2012 ​Green
Water drop iconPriority 6: Performance and monitoring
​Environment Strategy Priorities are included in business and performance planning ​Green
​Production of CSR Strategy and annual reporting by 2016 alternative approach developed
​Achieve annual certification to ISO 14001 Green


​Behind target and is forecast not to meet
annual target without remedial action
​Currently behind target but that performance
against target for the year remains on track
​Delivered but not to target Yellow
​Delivered on target or scheduled to be delivered on target ​Green
​Over performing ​Blue