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 Liverpool City Region Transport Partnership

A Transport Plan for Growth

 Transport plan brochure cover
With the creation of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority there was a need to bring together the existing Merseyside and Halton Local Transport Plans.  A Transport Plan for Growth sets out the City Region's strategic vision and delivery plan for transport and also looks to foster greater collaborative working across the Combined Authority.    
Transport is an enabler of growth, it connects people and places and is crucial to the economic success of the Liverpool City Region.  The Transport Plan for Growth outlines the £1.7billion investment in transport across the City Region over the next 6 years and sets the direction for future joint working with other sectors within the City Region including:-
  • Freight and Logistics
  • Housing and land-use planning
  • Economic development and regeneration
  • Employment and skills
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Carbon reduction and air quality
  • Connecting Communities
  • Visitor Economy
Click here to view the full copy of the Transport Plan for Growth   

A New Mobility Culture for Merseyside - The Merseyside Local Transport PlanCommunity Cycling Scheme - photo of family cycling

The Local Transport Plan (LTP) provides the framework for the policies and plans that will guide the future delivery of transport in Merseyside and the wider City Region as set out in the Transport Plan for Growth.
The LTP has the following vision:
"A city region committed to a low carbon future, which has a transport network and mobility culture that positively contributes to a thriving economy and the health and wellbeing of its citizens and where sustainable travel is the option of choice."

In order to achieve our transport vision we have set six goals:-
  1. Help create the right conditions for sustainable economic growth by supporting the priorities of the Liverpool City Region, the Local Enterprise Partnership and the Local Strategic Partnerships.
  2. Provide and promote a clean, low emission transport system which is resilient to changes to climate and oil availability.
  3. Ensure the transport system promotes and enables improved health and wellbeing and road safety.
  4. Ensure equality of travel opportunity for all, through a transport system that allows people to connect easily with employment, education, healthcare, other essential services and leisure and recreational opportunities.
  5. Ensure the transport network supports the economic success of the city region by the efficient movement of people and goods.
  6. Maintain our assets to a high standard.

 To download a copy of the Local Transport Plan, please visit the links below:

Full Local Transport Plan

LTP Summary


The are a number of technical annexes providing a detailed evidemce base in support of the policies and programmes set out in the LTP document. These are available at the following links :

Annexe One - Supporting Local Strategic Partnerships

Annexe Two - Possible Funding Sources

Annexe Three - Forecasting and Modelling

Annexe Four - Freight Strategy

Annexe Five - Intelligent Transport Systems Strategy

Annexe Six - Active Travel Strategy

Annexe Seven - Disadvantaged Communities Research

Annexe Eight - Merseyside Cycle and Short Trip Evidence Study

Annexe Nine - LTP3 Consultation Report

Annexe Ten - Merseyside Authorities Air Quality Action Plans

Annexe Eleven - Research Overview

Annexe Twelve - Evaluation of the TravelWise Merseyside Programme

Annexe Thirteen - Low Emissions Strategy

Annexe Fourteen - Integrated Assessment

Annexe Fifteen - Developing the Performance Indicators


We report our progress on delivering the LTP on an annual basis through a LTP Annual Progress Report. You can view the latest report below:

For earlier versions of the annual report and to find out more about each of the goals within the LTP and what this means for transport in your area, follow the links below

LTP Annual Progress Report 2013-2014

LTP Annual Progress Report 2012-13 

  LTP Annual Progress Report 2011-2012


LTP Document

View the LTP document.

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