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Newton-le-Willows Interchange

Artists impression of the Newton-le-Willows interchange

Here you will find details about the proposals for the Newton-le-Willows Interchange scheme. 

The Scheme

Newton-le-Willows Interchange will see significant investment at the existing station to provide passengers with improved facilities, easier access and better links between local, regional and national transport.  It will further build on the improvements to services following the electrification of the line between Liverpool and Manchester and the introduction of new trains by Northern. 

The Newton-le-Willows Interchange scheme will include: 

  • New South side entrance
  • New ticket office at south entrance (see picture above)
  • Bus Interchange adjacent to the new ticket office
  • 400+ space car park (including blue badge and wider spaces)
  • Electric vehicle charging points
  • New toilet facilities
  • Improved passenger waiting facilities
  • Step free access to and between the platforms via a new subway and lifts
  • Increased cycle parkingcycle parking
  • Dedicated drop off and pick up area
  • Local highways improvements

The development is an example of Merseytravel’s Long Term Rail Strategy being put into action – a 30 year vision to improve connections within the Liverpool City Region and beyond. This, in turn, fits with plans to improve connections across the whole of the north. The scheme also forms part of the wider £340m investment by Network Rail and the Liverpool City Region in rail improvements over the next three years.

The scheme is funded by the Local Growth Fund and Merseytravel.  It is a key project in the Long Term Rail Strategy and Growth Deal for the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority as well as the St Helens Local Development Framework.

The first phase of the car park, built on the site of the former Mill Green School, saw a 100-space section open at the end of November 2016 (the number of spaces we are currently able to provide is restricted by the planning permission granted by St Helens Council).

Work on the rail elements of the scheme, such as the new ticket office, subway, lifts and waiting facilities, commenced on site in December 2016. The rail elements of the scheme, are scheduled to come into public use by the end of 2018, with the full car park and bus interchange being opened shortly after that. Merseytravel is leading on the scheme, closely working with St Helens Council, Network Rail and Northern.

The scheme is being the developed and delivered through a number of contracts let by Merseytravel:

  • Design of car park and interchange – Mouchel;
  • Demolition of former Mill Green School – J.P. Tisdale (Demolition) Ltd;
  • Principal Contractor, car park phase 1 – North Midland Construction;
  • Site Supervision, car park and interchange  - Mouchel;
  • Development and delivery of station improvements – Network Rail;
  • Design of station improvements (through Network Rail) – Seed Architects; Tony Gee and Partners LLP; HComm; Vitec
  • Principal Contractor, station improvements (through Network Rail) – Galliford Try.
  • Principal Contractor, car park phase 2 and interchange – North Midland Construction;

The car park/bus interchange and station improvements elements of the scheme are being delivered over a number of phases.

Although the rooms within it will no longer be in day to day use as part of the station, the existing Listed station building will remain and be maintained in its current form. Network Rail, St Helens, Merseytravel and Northern are working to identify potential future uses for the building. If you would be interested in using the building please let us know via the e-mail address below. 

Progress so far - Image Gallery

Since work began on the rail elements of the scheme back in November 2016, a lot of progress has been made on the challenging engineering project.

A site visit with Conor McGinn MP, local councillors and representatives from the key stakeholders took place in January 2017 to celebrate the start of works on site.

In March 2018, local councillors and the Chair of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Transport Committee visited the site to see work get underway on excavating the subway underneath the railway line while services continued uniterrupted above them - a major milestone in the scheme.

Press releases

Several press releases have been sent out relating to the scheme. You can find these below:

Key milestone reached as work continues on Newton-le-Willows scheme - 20/03/18

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it be before the new development is completed at Newton-le-Willows?

A. The current programme aims for the the new rail facilities to be open to the public in by the end of 2018. The full car park and bus interchange will open shortly after this.

Q. What is the current provision for car parking at the station while the works are ongoing?
A. The first phase of scheme’s construction saw the building of a new car park on the site of the former Mill Green School, a short walk from the current car park. In late November 2016, 100 of these spaces came into use to the replace the old car park*, which itself is being being developed into the new bus interchange.

* Note - we are only initially able to use 100 spaces (the equivalent number to those in the existing facility) in the new car park due to restrictions in the planning permission granted by St Helens Council. The full car park will open once the whole scheme is complete.

Q. Will there be any disruption to local residents during this time?
A. For the demolition of the former Mill Green School (completed), notices were placed in the local area prior to the start of the work. Local residents were contacted to make sure they were aware of the works and had the relevant contact details if there were any problems. A similar approach is being adopted for all the construction phases of the scheme.

Q. With the station building moving from its current location north of the tracks, will it still be possible to access the platforms from this side?
A. Yes, the platforms will still be accessible directly from the north side of the tracks via new stairs and lift. The new station building/ticket office to the south side of the tracks will also be accessible from the north side of the station via a new subway, as well as from Mill Lane and Alfred Street.

Q. Where is the funding for this development coming from?
A.  Liverpool City Region Growth Deal funding (Devolved Major Funding) and Merseytravel funding.

Q. Will the new station development be compliant with disability/accessibility laws?
A. The new station development will include step-free access to, from and between both platforms via the new subway and lifts.

Q. Are train services affected by the works going on?
A. All of the works are being carried out in a way and at a time that prevents the need to delay or change any rail services calling at the station. The speed at which through trains pass through the station will, however, reduce slightly because of the works. This is due to temporary speed restrictions being introduced.

Q. Will the route I take to the platforms from the station entrance change during the works?
A. During the works the route to get to trains to Manchester will be the same as now, though the route to trains for Liverpool will change slightly, with a temporary staircase replacing the old stepped ramp.

Q. What is the provision for dropping off at the station? Is the forecourt outside the existing station building still open?
A. With some of the construction works going on in the station forecourt, it is not possible for vehicles to use the ramp up the side of the Legh Arms to get to the station entrance. Passengers are still able to walk up the ramp (or the steps from Mill Lane) to get to the station. There is a small temporary drop-off point at the bottom of the ramp, but we would advise those picking up to choose an alternative safe location on the local road network.

Q. I currently use the cycle-parking by the station building - is this still available during the construction works?
A. The cycle parking just outside the existing station building will remain in place during the works. Access to the cycle parking is, as now, via the ramp to the side of the Legh Arms (or via the steps from Mill Lane).

Q. Will Blue Badge parking still be available at the station?
A. As part of the scheme 25 designated Blue Badge spaces will be provided in the nearest spaces in the car park to the new ticket office. During construction of the station improvements, Blue Badge parking close to the station entrance is severely limited, with just two spaces available at the foot of the ramp. More spaces are available in the first section of the new car park to be open as near to Mill Lane as possible, however the distance to these spaces is over 200m. Should you require assistance, please contact the station operator Northern's helpline on 0808 156 1606.