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 Why Buy Electric?

Why Buy Electric?

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Grants and Incentives

Aren’t EVs expensive compared to conventional vehicles?
While EVs can initially be more expensive than conventional vehicles consumers in the Liverpool City Region can benefit from the Government’s Plug-in Car Grant which subsidises qualifying EVs. The Plug-in Grant gives you 35% off the price of a car to a maximum of £4,500 and up to 20% to a maximum of £8,000, off the price of a van.
The grant is automatically deducted from the retail price when an eligible vehicle is purchased, so there is no additional paperwork to complete, and you don't pay the full retail price upfront and then have to reclaim the benefit.
Are there any other financial incentives to buy an EV? 
Other financial incentives are also available which reduce EV running costs. These include Vehicle Excise Duty which is zero-rated for EVs & plug-in hybrids and zero-rated fuel tax.
What purchase options are available?
EV manufacturers are increasingly offering new purchase options including leasing the battery which helps to lower the initial purchase cost. The Plug-in Grants still apply when an EV is purchased with a leased battery.
For more information on current grants and incentives please visit


Transport represents one of the largest sources of CO2 emissions in the UK, with road transport making up over 90% of this, the largest share of which comes from cars.
Electric Vehicles do not emit any exhaust emissions; they have been shown to improve energy efficiency by approximately 60% and reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions (e.g. carbon dioxide) by up to 40% when compared with an average small petrol vehicle.  Driving petrol and diesel vehicles contributes to climate change as well as causing damage to health. With use of fossil fuels estimated to increase over the next 10 years it’s important that change is made. This means that EVs could potentially have a significant impact in improving the environment.


Benefits to Businesses

With the introduction of charge points in the Liverpool City Region electric vehicles have now become a realistic alternative for businesses.
With a wide range of electric vehicle models and some of the country’s largest businesses going electric, now is the perfect time for businesses in the Liverpool City Region to go electric too.
There are several benefits to businesses of going electric. These include:
  • Grants to help with the purchase of the vehicle
  • Low fuel costs compared to petrol or diesel vehicles
  • Potentially lower maintenance costs
  • Other tax benefits
For more information on grants available to your business please visit and for more information on tax benefits available please visit
For news, statistics, policies and other information from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles visit OLEV website