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There will be changes to bus routes in Liverpool City Centre and where some people will get on and off. 

The changes to routes were prepared in response to Liverpool City Council’s £45m City Centre Connectivity Scheme (LCCCS) which aims to make the city cleaner and more environmentally friendly, changing how traffic moves through the city, reducing congestion and improving air.

Due to changes in road layout which come as part of this new scheme – including the severance of Lime Street – a number of services will not be able to continue to follow their current routes.

The scheme will see the majority of services terminate at either Queens Square or Liverpool ONE bus stations with the exception of a selected number of peak time services as well as the 10A which will continue to operate a cross-city service through the day.

Revisions to originally proposed changes to bus routes have been made to reflect some of the feedback received from bus users during an opportunity to comment held in summer 2019.

Full details will be available soon, with updates provided both on this website and via Commonplace.