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 Cyclist Michael

"I used to get the bus it took an hour so I thought I’d cycle and now it takes 25 minutes."
Michael Barton, Assistant Practitioner, Broadgreen Hospital

Where do you cycle?
Toxteth Park Road to Broadgreen Hospital
How long have you been doing this journey by bike / what did you do before?
I’ve been cycling for 8 years cycling. I used to get the bus it took an hour so I thought I’d cycle and now it takes 25 minutes.
How long is your journey?
About 5 miles each way.
Why did you decide to cycle?
Because we work 9 ‘til 5, it’s rush hour driving traffic so it’s quicker, it’s easier, more convenient. It’s a great stress relief, especially in rush hour traffic. On your bike you’re your own boss.
What are the best bits of your journey?
I cycle through 3 parks – Princess, Sefton and Wavertree Parks. They’re great – the smell, the views, seeing dogs running round, people sitting relaxing, saying hi to other cyclists you see daily.
Has anything interesting on your journey?
Yes… seeing traffic jams and me being able to cut past!
When is your favourite time of year to cycle?
I love the summer with the warm air in the morning and evening, and the sun shining down. I feel like there’s nothing to rush for, I can slowly cycle and enjoy the weather, seeing people out and about having a good time.
Have you noticed any benefits to cycling?
Yes my health is better.
What would you say to anyone who’s thinking of commuting by bike to encourage them to get started?
You don’t need to travel 50mph on the bike. Even at a steady speed you will appreciate the views and still have done exercise.