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 Walker: Cynthia

Cynthia who walks to work

“Once you start walking the time goes so quickly.”

Cynthia Bosafola, Trainee Business Advisor at The Women’s Organisation

Where do you walk?
From Upper Parliament Street to Baltic Market, it’s about 0.4 miles and takes around 10 minutes.

Why do you walk?
I don’t have a car. A bus does stop outside our building but I find it easier to walk, it’s a nice way to start the morning. Now I walk to work I find I walk to other places too – a half hour walk doesn’t seem like anything now.
Walking helps me think about things properly, if you are feeling a bit negative for whatever reason I think you can walk it off rather than just going over the problem.

What are the best bits of your journey?
It’s nice to see the hustle and bustle – kids going to school, people going to work. I like to see life happening – it wakes me up!
I find the Cathedral near work intriguing. There’s always something happening there, different people coming in and out, food trucks delivering all kinds of things.

When is your favourite time of year to walk and why?
I like spring, but autumn is my favourite season. I love to see everything changing and all the colours of the leaves.

What would you say to anyone who’s thinking of commuting on foot to encourage them to get started?
Walking is really therapeutic. Once you start walking the time goes so quickly, somehow the same time feels longer if you are just waiting around or sitting down. You have chance to think about the day ahead or the day you’ve had, and it’s not as time consuming as you think.