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 Walker: Sandra

Sandra who walks to work
“My favourite places to walk are parks and by the riverfront.”

Sandra Sipaviciute, Conference and Facilities Manager at The Women’s Organisation

Where do you walk?
At the moment I live 5-10 minutes walk from work, but I’ve always walked to work, even when I lived in Everton (L5) or Toxteth (L8) and it would take me 30 mins to walk to work. Basically, if I can get somewhere in 1 hour by walking, then I walk.

Why do you walk?
I don’t drive and get motion sickness when I’m on the bus or taxi. My whole life is based in city centre so there is no need to travel further than that. Liverpool city centre is not that big and everything is reachable by walking.
Plus, I enjoy the walking itself, it’s the simplest form of keeping fit. Walking is also therapeutic as you have time with yourself to think things through, be mindful, notice the nature or surroundings, forget the problems and worries.

What are your favourite things about walking?
I most prefer to walk early in the morning where there is less traffic and people. I notice the crispness of the morning whether it’s summer or winter. My favourite places to walk are parks and by the riverfront, where there is less traffic and fewer people. And if a coffee shop is on my way I enjoy getting a cup of coffee.

My favourite time of year is spring, and hearing birds chirp symbolising the awakening of the Earth is the best mood booster. Even this morning, even though it was cold winter day, the sun was shining and the birds were chirping, I closed my eyes and imagined it’s spring, and the spring came into my heart. That’s all it took.

I also enjoy noticing the hustle and bustle of town first thing in the morning before the shops open. You notice how many people start work early, and how many services are involved in keeping the city clean and tidy.

What would you say to anyone who’s thinking of commuting on foot to encourage them to get started?
It’s the simplest form of fitness. That 30 minutes walk in the morning and after work can justify that piece of chocolate or muffin you are so craving for.
You save money, money you would spend on bus tickets, taxis or car petrol, parking fees. You notice your neighbourhood, get familiar with it, try different routes and, who knows, maybe you’ll discover a nice coffee shop, corner art or fruit shop.