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Apply for a Concession for use on Public Transport

This is for people who live in Merseyside who want to apply for a concession which is either age related, or you have a disability which meets the eligibility criteria defined by the Transport Act 2000.

If you are applying online, for all concessions you must be able to:

  • Upload a passport style photograph
  • Upload documentary proof that your permanent residency is within Merseyside
  • Upload photographic proof of your age / identity for example a copy of your photo card driving licence or passport

If you are applying for a Disabled Persons Travel Pass in addition to the information above, you must also be able to:

  • Upload documentary supporting evidence of your disability under one of the qualifying categories detailed below.

Who can get a pass?

The benefits

  • You have the option to travel by bus, train or single ferry crossing within the Merseyside Area. Concessionary Travel Passes are not valid on any Mersey Ferries River Explorer Cruise, Manchester Ship Canal Cruise or any other special cruise.
  • Travel for free on all local bus, train and ferry services except between 6:30am and 9:30 am Monday to Friday.
  • Disabled Persons Travel Pass holders may in addition benefit from unrestricted travel Monday to Sunday anywhere within the Merseyside area.
  • If you are an ENCTS or Disabled Persons Travel Pass holder you can travel on all National Bus Services within England, the restrictions of which vary by region.

Are you eligible?

Age related

  • You can apply for a concession from the age of 60
  • You must permanently reside in the Merseyside Area

Apply online


  • You must be aged 5 or over, or if applying under category G you must be 16 or over.
  • You must permanently reside in the Merseyside area.
  • You must qualify under one of these categories below:
    • Category AI am blind or partially sighted
    • Category BI am profoundly or severely deaf
    • Category CI am without speech
    • Category DI have severe difficulty walking
    • Category EI have lost the use of both arms
    • Category FI have a learning disability
    • Category GI am unable to drive for medical reasons

Not sure if you qualify?

Review each of the eligibility criteria in more detail here

Apply online

Renew your pass

Age related passes are issued on a permanent basis. Please ensure you keep us informed if you change your address as we will contact you four weeks before your pass is due to expire and tell you how you can renew your pass. You can renew your pass by email, which is the quickest method, by phone, at a Merseytravel Centre or by post.

Disabled Persons Travel Passes are issued on both a temporary and permanent basis. If your pass has been issued on a temporary basis and you still require the concession you will need to submit a new application form and supporting evidence at least four weeks prior to your pass expiring. The quickest way to do this is to apply online here.

If your Disabled Persons Travel Pass has been issued on a permanent basis we will contact you with details of how to renew this, either by email, which is the quickest option, by phone at a Merseytravel Centre or by post.

Please be aware that postal applications or renewals could take between four to six weeks to process, the quickest method to renew your pass is by email. To re-apply for your concessionary travel pass click here.

Replace your pass

There is a £10.00 administration cost for the replacement of a lost, damaged or stolen concessionary pass.

To order a replacement pass you can:

  • Call Merseytravel on 0151 330 1000 to make a card payment – please check our website for our most up to date operating hours
  • Visit a Merseytravel Travel Centre to order and pay for a replacement pass.
  • A replacement pass cannot be ordered online

For all other concession related enquiries please contact us at [email protected]