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Utting Avenue East, Back Broadway19:0020:0021:00
Broadway, Broad Lane19:0020:0021:00
Broad Lane, Lorenzo Drive19:0020:0021:00
Lorenzo Drive, Muirhead Avenue East19:0120:0121:01
Muirhead Avenue East, Lewisham Road19:0220:0221:02
Muirhead Avenue East, Stalisfield Avenue19:0320:0321:03
Muirhead Avenue East, Wingrave Way19:0320:0321:03
Oak Lane, Marshgate Road19:0420:0421:04
Croxteth Hall Lane, Mace Road19:0520:0521:05
Stonebridge Lane, Mansion Drive19:0720:0721:07
Stonebridge Lane, Stonedale Crescent19:0820:0821:08
Stonebridge Lane, Stonedale Cresent19:0820:0821:08
East Lancashire Road, Stonebridge Lane19:0920:0921:09
Bridgehouse Lane, Stonebridge Lane19:1020:1021:10
Copplehouse Lane, Ferrey Road19:1120:1121:11
Valley Road, Aintree Lane19:1120:1121:11
Field Lane, Greenbank Drive19:1220:1221:12
Field Lane, Cheshire Avenue19:1320:1321:13
Copplehouse Lane, Field Lane19:1320:1321:13
Hawksmoor Road, Gribble Road19:1420:1421:14
Drake Road, Drake Crescent19:1420:1421:14
Formosa Drive, Formosa Drive19:1520:1521:15
Karonga Road, Manica Crescent19:1520:1521:15
Aintree Hospital19:1620:1621:16
Lower Lane, Aintree Hospital19:1720:1721:17
Brookfield Drive, Lower Lane19:1720:1721:17
Brookfield Drive, Lower Lane19:1820:1821:18
Brookfield Drive, Altcourse Prison19:1920:1921:19
Brookfield Drive, Brookfield centre19:2020:2021:20
Long Lane, Hartley Avenue19:2120:2121:21
Hall Lane, Longmoor Lane19:2320:2321:23
Warbreck Moor, Albany Road19:2320:2321:23
Warbreck Moor, Church Avenue19:2420:2421:24
Warbreck Moor, Aintree Station19:2520:2521:25
Ormskirk Road, Aintree Station19:2620:2621:26
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