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Frankby Road, Frankby Green15:55
Frankby Road, St Johns Church15:55
Frankby Road, Frankby Close15:56
Greasby Road, Hillcrest Drive15:57
Greasby Road, Old Pump Lane15:57
Greasby Road, Macdonald Drive15:58
Greasby Road, Wood Lane15:59
Greasby Road, Broadway16:00
Greasby Road, Cortsway16:01
Old Greasby Road, Welton Avenue16:02
Moreton Road, Upland Road16:04
Moreton Road, Warwick Road16:04
Moreton Road, M53 Motorway16:05
Upton Road, Seaforth Drive16:07
Upton Road, Griffin Avenue16:08
Upton Road, Glebelands Road16:09
Hoylake Road, Knutsford Road16:10
Hoylake Road, Chapelhill Road16:11
Hoylake Road, Danger Lane16:11
Hoylake Road, Reeds Lane16:12
Reeds Lane, Leasowe Station16:15
Reeds Lane, Birket Avenue16:15
Reeds Lane, Ditton Lane16:16
Leasowe Road, Reeds Lane16:17
Leasowe Road, Wakefield Drive16:17
Leasowe Road, Castleway North16:18
Leasowe Road, Leasoweside16:19
Leasowe Road, Gardenside16:20
Leasowe Road, Heyes Drive16:21
Leasowe Road, St Nicholas Road16:22
Leasowe Road, Wallasey Village Station16:23
Wallasey Village, Perrin Road16:25
Breck Road, School Lane16:26
Wallasey Road, Loretto Road16:27
Wallasey Road, Belvidere Road16:28
Wallasey Road, Conway Street16:30
Seaview Road, Seaview Avenue16:30
Seaview Road, Grasmere Drive16:32
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