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Southworth Road, Waterworks Drive15:10
Southworth Road, Rosemary Drive15:11
Warrington Road, BP Garage15:12
Warrington Road, Library15:13
Common Lane, CPS Centre15:14
Wigshaw Lane, Linear Park15:16
Wigshaw Lane, Glaziers Lane15:16
Mustard Lane, Water Works15:18
Mustard Lane, Lady Lane15:19
Mustard Lane, Hodgekinson Farm15:20
Mustard Lane, General Elliot15:22
Smithy Lane, The Horseshoe15:23
New Lane, Smithy Lane15:24
Pasture Drive, Pasture Drive15:25
New Lane, Eaves Brow Road15:26
Cross Lane, Cross Lane15:30
Warrington Road, Noggin Inn15:33
Warrington Road, Birchwood Park Avenue15:33
Daten Avenue, Leacroft Road15:35
Gorse Covert Road, Spar Shop15:38
Gorse Covert Road, Arden Close15:38
Gorse Covert Road, Hamsterly Close15:38
Falstone Close, Inglewood Close15:39
Gorse Covert Road, Ringwood Close15:40
Gorse Covert Road, The Poacher15:40
Moss Gate, Birchwood Forest Park15:41
Ordnance Avenue, Country Park15:42
Admirals Road, Keyes Close15:45
Admirals Road, Jay Close15:46
Admirals Road, Nelsons Quarterdeck15:47
Admirals Road, Whinchat Drive15:47
Admirals Road, Fire Station15:49
Glover Road, Heather Close15:57
Glover Road, Turf & Feather15:59
Glover Road, Strawberry Close16:00
Glover Road, Copperfield Close16:02
Glover Road, Copperfield Close16:03
Lords Lane, Redvales Court16:04
Smithy Lane, The Horseshoe16:08
Smithy Brow, The Horseshoe16:08
Smithy Brow, Smithy Brow16:09
Southworth Lane, Dam Lane16:10
Southworth Lane, Southworth Farm16:12
Southworth Lane, Southworth Lane16:13
Myddleton Lane, Delph Lane16:14
Myddleton Lane, Arbury Lane16:15
Myddleton Lane, Falcondale Road16:16
Myddleton Lane, Ilex Avenue16:17
Myddleton Lane, Post Office16:18
Golborne Road, The Hermit16:23
Southworth Road, Parkside Road16:28
Southworth Road, Waterworks Drive16:29
High Street, Golborne Street16:31
High Street, Cobden Street16:32
Crow Lane East, Pleasance Way16:33
Crow Lane East, Sanderling Road16:34
Crow Lane East, Borron Road16:35

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