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STA Stagecoach Merseyside


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Moor Street, Bus Station08:4010:4512:4515:2517:25
Park Road, Park Road08:4110:4612:4615:2617:26
Prescot Road, St Annes Church08:4210:4712:4715:2717:27
Prescot Road, Prescot Green08:4310:4812:4815:2817:28
Prescot Road, Moss Delph Lane08:4610:5112:5115:3117:31
Prescot Road, Parrs Lane08:4710:5212:5215:3217:32
Town Green Lane, Whalley Drive08:4910:5412:5415:3417:34
Winifred Lane, Noelgate08:5010:5512:5515:3517:35
Black a Moor Lane, Primary School08:5711:0213:0215:4217:42
School Lane, Playing Field08:5811:0313:0315:4317:43
School Lane, Park Crescent08:5811:0313:0315:4317:43
School Lane, Post Office08:5911:0413:0415:4417:44
Wanishar Lane, Station Road09:0211:0713:0715:4717:47
Southport Road, Plex Moss Cottages09:0211:0713:0715:4717:47
Mill Brow, New Street09:0311:0813:0815:4817:48
New Street, St Cuthberts CEPS09:0411:0913:0915:4917:49
Halsall Road, War Memorial09:0511:1013:1015:5017:50
Halsall Road, Gregory Garage09:0611:1113:1115:5117:51
Halsall Road, Northmoor Stables09:0711:1213:1215:5217:52
Heathey Lane, Village Green09:1511:2013:2016:0018:00
Benthams Way, Stamford Road09:1911:2413:2416:0418:04
Benthams Way, Town Lane Kew09:2011:2513:2516:0518:05
Town Lane Kew, Wight Moss Way09:2111:2613:2616:0618:06
Town Lane Kew, Town Lane09:2111:2613:2616:0618:06
Town Lane Kew, Althorpe Drive09:2111:2613:2616:0618:06
Town Lane Kew, Southport Hospital09:2211:2713:2716:0718:07
Town Lane Kew, Folkestone Road-11:2713:2716:07-
Scarisbrick New Road, Town Lane Kew-11:2813:2816:08-
Scarisbrick New Road, No. 220-11:2913:2916:09-
Scarisbrick New Road, King George V College-11:3013:3016:10-
Scarisbrick New Road, Ashdown Close-11:3013:3016:10-
Scarisbrick New Road, Everard Road-11:3113:3116:11-
Scarisbrick New Road, Falkland Road-11:3213:3216:12-
Scarisbrick New Road, Cumberland Road-11:3313:3316:13-
Scarisbrick New Road, Ash Street-11:3313:3316:13-
Scarisbrick New Road, Hampton Road-11:3413:3416:14-
Scarisbrick New Road, Linaker Street-11:3513:3516:15-
Eastbank Street, Yellowhouse Lane-11:3613:3616:16-
Eastbank Street, Princes Street-11:3713:3716:17-
Lord Street, Nevill Street-11:3813:3816:18-
Lord Street, Bold Street-11:3913:3916:19-
Lord Street, Leicester Street-11:4013:4016:20-
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