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ARR Arriva Merseyside


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Argyle Street, Grange Road-11:1015:1017:10
Birkenhead Bus Station/Stand 2-11:1115:1117:11
Claughton Road, Catherine Street-11:1315:1317:13
Oxton Road, Cook Street-11:1515:1517:15
Oxton Road, Oak Bank-11:1615:1617:16
Balls Road, Woodchurch Road-11:1815:1817:18
Balls Road, Lynn Bank-11:2015:2017:20
Shrewsbury Road, Columbia Road-11:2015:2017:20
Shrewsbury Road, Arnside Road-11:2115:2117:21
Shrewsbury Road, Beresford Road-11:2215:2217:22
Shrewsbury Road, Kingsmead Road-11:2215:2217:22
Shrewsbury Road, Shrewsbury Close-11:2315:2317:23
Shrewsbury Road, Tollemache Road-11:2415:2417:24
Shrewsbury Road, Upton Road-11:2415:2417:24
Park Road North, Bidston Avenue-11:2615:2617:26
Laird Street, Plumer Drive09:2711:2715:2717:27
Laird Street, Dundonald Street09:2711:2715:27-
Laird Street, Arkle Road09:2811:2815:28-
Hoylake Road, Challis Street09:2911:2915:29-
Hoylake Road, Hoblyn Road09:2911:2915:29-
Hoylake Road, Hurrell Road09:3111:3115:31-
Hoylake Road, Bidston Village Road09:3111:3115:31-
Bidston Village Road, Eleanor Road09:3211:3215:32-
Bidston View, Fender Way09:3311:3315:33-
Fender Way, St Oswalds Avenue09:3411:3415:34-
Fender Way, Bidston Green Drive09:3411:3415:34-
Fender Way, Beechwood Drive09:3511:3515:35-
Fender Way, Fifth Avenue09:3611:3615:36-
Fender Way, Third Avenue09:3711:3715:37-
Fender Way, Second Avenue09:3811:3815:38-
Fender Way, First Avenue09:3911:3915:39-
Upton By Pass, Upton Station09:3911:3915:39-
Noctorum Avenue, Beryl Road09:4011:4015:40-
Noctorum Avenue, St Peters Way09:4111:4115:41-
Noctorum Avenue, Ormond Way09:4211:4215:42-
Noctorum Avenue, Westcott Way09:4211:4215:42-
Noctorum Avenue, Moorfields Avenue09:4311:4315:43-
Noctorum Way, Hogarth Drive09:4411:4415:44-
Townfield Lane, Hargrave Avenue09:4511:4515:45-
Townfield Lane, Flatt Lane09:4611:4615:46-
Townfield Lane, Bidston Road09:4711:4715:47-
Talbot Road, Village Road09:4711:4715:47-
Talbot Road, Hillside View09:4811:4815:48-
Ingestre Road, Rose Mount09:4911:4915:49-
Storeton Road, Fairview Road09:5011:5015:50-
Woodchurch Road, Moss Lane09:5111:5115:51-
Woodchurch Road, Gorsefield Road09:5211:5215:52-
Woodchurch Road, Heatherdale Close09:5311:5315:53-
Woodchurch Road, South Hill Road09:5511:5515:55-
Oxton Road, Town View09:5611:5615:56-
Oxton Road, Grange View09:5711:5715:57-
Oxton Road, Barton Street09:5811:5815:58-
Borough Road, Whetstone Lane09:5911:5915:59-
Borough Road, Clifton Crescent10:0112:0116:01-
Argyle Street, Grange Road10:0312:0316:03-
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