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Ford Road15:55
Parkhurst Road16:09
Irvine Road16:10
Mount Road16:11
Cavendish Drive16:11
Thornton Avenue16:12
Kings Lane16:12
Kings Close16:13
Bentfield Gardens16:13
Town Lane16:14
Waterfield Close16:14
Gorseyville Road16:15
Brackenwood Junior School16:16
Cross Lane16:16
Pulford Road16:17
The Village16:18
Civic Way16:18
The Wiend16:19
Quarry Road East16:21
Parkfield Road16:22
Church Road16:22
Cypress Croft16:24
Spital Station16:25
Bromborough Road16:28
Brotherton Park16:30
Croft Avenue East16:32
Stanhope Drive16:33
The Cross16:36
Acre Lane16:36
Neville Road16:37
Allport Road16:37
Brancote Gardens16:38
Westminster Drive16:39
Bromborough Station16:40
Brookhurst Road16:42
Turriff Drive16:43
Duncansby Drive16:44
Scafell Close16:44
Eastham Rake Station16:45
Mill Park Drive16:46
Hatton Avenue16:46
Clifton Avenue16:46
Delamere Avenue16:47
Calveley Avenue16:47
Eastham Rake16:48
Mill Park Drive16:48
Glenburn Avenue16:48
Eastham Rake16:49
Sutherland Drive16:50
Heygarth Road16:51
Wingate Road16:51
Kilburn Avenue16:51
Manor Road16:52
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