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New Chester Road, Earl Street07:52--
New Chester Road, Beaconsfield Road07:54--
Plymyard Avenue, Gorsefield Avenue-15:1515:16
Plymyard Avenue, Sutherland Drive07:5515:1615:16
Plymyard Avenue, Appleby Grove-15:1715:16
New Chester Road, Portbury Close07:57--
Plymyard Avenue, Bromborough Station--15:17
New Chester Road, Shore Drive08:00--
Allport Road, Bromborough Station-15:1815:17
New Chester Road, Pool Lane08:02--
Allport Road, Brancote Gardens08:0615:1915:18
New Chester Road, Port Causeway08:07--
New Chester Road, Magazine Road08:09--
Allport Lane, Allport Road-15:1915:19
Allport Lane, Meadowside Road-15:2015:20
Croft Avenue East, Spital Road08:11--
Acre Lane, Hawthorn Lane-15:2015:20
Spital Road, Croft Avenue East08:12--
Spital Road, Stanhope Drive08:13--
Acre Lane, Dawpool Drive-15:2115:21
Beechwood Road, The Avenue-15:2215:22
The Rake, The Cross08:14--
The Rake, Oteley Avenue08:16--
Eccleston Avenue, Bromborough Rake Station-15:2315:23
Eccleston Avenue, Belmont Avenue-15:2315:23
Palatine Road, Mark Rake08:18--
Mark Rake, Palatine Road-15:2415:24
Eccleston Avenue, Belmont Avenue08:20--
The Rake, Ludlow Grove-15:2415:24
Beechwood Road, Bromborough Rake Station08:21--
Bromborough Village Road, The Cross-15:2515:25
Beechwood Road, The Avenue08:22--
Spital Road, Mark Rake-15:2515:25
Spital Road, Croft Avenue--15:26
Bridle Road, Bridle Close08:23--
Bridle Road, Kilburn Avenue08:24--
Croft Avenue East, New Chester Road-15:2615:26
Bridle Road, Harrison Close08:25--
New Chester Road, Mill Road-15:2715:27
Bridle Road, Carlett Boulevard08:26--
New Chester Road, Hesketh Way-15:2815:28
Bridle Road, Adaston Avenue08:27--
New Chester Road, Port Causeway-15:2815:28
New Chester Road, Shore Drive-15:3015:30
Eastham Rake, Mill Park Drive08:28--
Eastham Rake, Glenburn Avenue08:28--
New Chester Road, Willowbank Road-15:3015:30
New Chester Road, Legh Road-15:3115:31
Plymyard Avenue, Eastham Rake08:3015:31-
New Chester Road, New Ferry Park-15:3215:32
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