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SEL Selwyns


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Old Chester Road, College Drive15:2015:21
Old Chester Road, Town Lane15:2115:22
Old Chester Road, Woodland Road15:2315:24
Bebington Road, Kings Lane15:2315:24
Bebington Road, Birkett Road15:2515:26
Bedford Drive, Riviera Drive15:2815:29
Mount Road, Cheviot Road15:3015:31
Mount Road, Mendip Road15:3015:31
Mount Road, Brecon Road15:3015:32
Storeton Road, Mendip Road15:3115:33
Storeton Road, Acrefield Road15:3215:33
Storeton Road, Woodchurch Lane15:3315:35
Woodchurch Road, Moss Lane15:3415:36
Woodchurch Road, Gorsefield Road15:3415:37
Woodchurch Road, Heatherdale Close15:3515:39
Woodchurch Road, South Hill Road15:3615:40
Oxton Road, Town View15:37-
Balls Road, Woodchurch Road-15:42
Oxton Road, Grange View15:38-
Balls Road, Lynn Bank-15:44
Oxton Road, Barton Street15:39-
Shrewsbury Road, Columbia Road-15:46
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