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Moorfoot Road14:45
Newton Road, Southport Street14:46
Sky Lark Rise14:47
Newton Road, Havannah Lane14:48
Waring Avenue14:50
Pennington Lane, Penkford Lane14:53
Common Road, Short Street14:54
Common Road, Marian Avenue14:55
Common Road, Swan Road14:56
Crow Lane West, Sefton Street14:57
Crow Lane West, Heather Brae14:58
Vista Road, Crow Lane West14:58
George Street14:59
The Bungalow15:01
Vista Road, McFaul Salvage15:02
Vista Road, Queens Road15:03
Penny Lane, Old Boston15:05
Penny Lane, Wilcock Road15:06
Lodge Lane, Penny Lane15:08
Warrington Road, Haydock Park15:10
Lodge Lane, Haydock Park Gardens15:11
Lodge Lane, Penny Lane15:14
Penny Lane, Wilcock Road15:19
Penny Lane, Southward Road15:22
Vista Road, Queens Road15:22
McFaul Salvage15:23
Vista Road, No. 14915:23
Vista Road, George Street15:24
Vista Road, Vista Way15:25
Crow Lane West, Vista Road15:25
Crow Lane West, Black Cross Lane15:26
Water Street15:26
Crow Lane East, Queens Drive15:27
Crow Lane East, The Avenue15:27
High Street, The Parchments15:28
Rob Lane15:28
High Street, Cobden Street15:29
Crow Lane East, Pleasance Way15:30
Crow Lane East, Sanderling Road15:31
Crow Lane East, Borron Road15:31
Crow Lane West, The Copse15:32
Crow Lane West, Yew Tree Avenue15:33
Crow Lane West, Clarence Street15:33
Crow Lane West, Sefton Street15:34
Crow Lane West, Acacia Street15:34
Common Road, Marian Avenue15:35
Common Road, Short Street15:36
Newton Road, Brampton Close15:37
Newton Road, Provident Street15:38
Newton Road, Horseshoe Close15:38
Broad Oak Road, Mendip Grove15:39
Broad Oak Road, Nicholson Street15:40
Broad Oak Road, Reeves Street15:41
Chancery Lane, Boardmans Lane15:41
Parr Stocks Road, Gaskell Street15:43
Parr Stocks Road, Ramford Street15:43
Parr Stocks Road, Sorogold Street15:44
Parr Street, Langtree Street15:45
Corporation Street, Phoenix Brow15:46
Corporation Street, St Helens Central Station15:47
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