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SBC Springfield Bus & Coach


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Wilderspool Causeway, Causeway Hotel16:15
Wilderspool Causeway, Central Avenue16:15
Wilderspool Causeway, St James' Court16:16
Scotland Road, Scotland Road Alighting Only16:19
Winwick Street, Stand 1216:20
Legh Street, Stop AE16:20
Sankey Street, Stop AA16:21
Sankey Street, Stop AD16:21
Liverpool Road, Crosfields16:22
Cromwell Avenue, St Gregorys School16:25
Old Hall Road, Nansen Close16:27
Old Hall Road, Bewsey Farm16:28
Old Hall Road, Spar Shop16:28
Twenty Acre Road, Gregory Close16:29
Twenty Acre Road, Morton Close16:30
Twenty Acre Road, Tasman Close16:31
Cromwell Avenue, Ladywood16:32
Westbrook Crescent, Asda16:33
Westbrook Crescent, UCI Cinema16:34
Westbrook Crescent, Seven Woods16:36
Burtonwood Road, Westbrook Way16:40
Burtonwood Road, Burtonwood Road16:41
Burtonwood Road, Wright's Lane16:43
Clay Lane, Haley Road South16:47
Clay Lane, Acton Road16:48
Clay Lane, Fairclough Street16:49
Chapel Lane, Chapel House16:50
Chapel Lane, Perrins Road16:50
Fir Tree Lane, Cambourne Road16:51
Fir Tree Lane, Nursing Home16:51
Fir Tree Lane, Melrose Avenue16:51
Lumber Lane, Green Lane16:53
Collins Green Lane, The Pear Tree16:54
Penkford Lane, Collins Green Farm16:54
Pennington Lane, Penkford Lane16:55
Common Road, Short Street16:56
Common Road, Marian Avenue16:56
Common Road, Swan Road16:56
Crow Lane West, Sefton Street16:57
Crow Lane West, Heather Brae16:57
Crow Lane West, Vista Road16:58
Crow Lane West, Black Cross Lane16:58
Cross Lane, Crow Lane West16:59
Fairclough Street, Wargrave Road16:59
Railway Street, Stop A17:00
Cross Lane, Crow Lane East17:02
Crow Lane East, Water Street17:03
Crow Lane East, Queens Drive17:04
Crow Lane East, The Avenue17:05
High Street, The Parchments17:06
High Street, Rob Lane17:07
Southworth Road, Stop D17:10
Mill Lane, Newton Park Drive17:10
Winwick Road, Cholmley Drive17:11
Winwick Road, Farm Way17:12
Newton Road, Cop Holt Farm17:13
Newton Road, Old School House Lane17:14
Newton Road, St Oswald Church17:15