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Grounds, Tesco16:1717:17
Chester Road, Airbus16:1917:19
Chester Road, St Francis` Church16:2517:25
Grounds, Asda16:3117:31
Station Road, Station Road16:3417:33
Welsh Road, Post Office16:3617:36
Parkway, Parkway16:4217:42
Welsh Road, Woodbank Farm16:4817:45
Welsh Road, Shotwick Dale Bridge16:4917:46
Welsh Road, Mini Showroom16:5917:50
Welsh Road, Welsh Road17:0117:52
Ledsham Road, Cheshire Yeoman17:0217:53
Ledsham Road, Roxburgh Road17:0217:53
Ledsham Road, Ledsham Park Drive17:0317:53
Ledsham Road, Hillcrest Road17:0417:54
Ledsham Road, Traveller's Rest17:0417:54
Chester Road, Red Lion PH17:0517:55
Chester Road, Burleydam Garden Centre17:0517:55
Chester Road, Half Way House17:0617:56
Chester Road, St Mary's Church17:0717:57
New Chester Road, Crossroads17:0817:58
New Chester Road, M5317:0917:59
New Chester Road, Eastham Village Road17:1018:00
New Chester Road, Bridle Road17:1218:01
New Chester Road, Carlett Boulevard17:1218:01
New Chester Road, Heygarth Road17:1318:02
New Chester Road, Plymyard Cemetery17:1418:03
New Chester Road, Allport Road17:1518:04
Old Hall Road, Hardknott Road17:1618:05
Stadium Road, Plantation Road17:1818:07
Stadium Road, Stadium Road17:1918:08
Thermal Road, Thermal Road17:2018:11
South View, Bromborough Pool Village17:2218:14
Pool Lane, New Chester Road17:2318:14
New Chester Road, Shore Drive17:2418:16
New Chester Road, Willowbank Road17:2518:17
New Chester Road, Legh Road17:2718:18
New Chester Road, New Ferry Park17:2718:18
New Chester Road, Hassal Road17:2818:19
New Chester Road, Knowsley Road17:2818:19
New Chester Road, Rock Lane West17:2918:20
New Chester Road, Bedford Road17:3018:21
New Chester Road, Woburn Place17:3118:22
New Chester Road, Union Street17:3218:23
New Chester Road, Turbine Road17:3218:23
New Chester Road, Valiant Way17:3318:24
Argyle Street, Grange Road17:3618:27
Birkenhead Bus Station, Stand 117:3718:28
Argyle Street, Market Street17:3818:30
Chester Street, Stop B17:4118:33
Bridge Street, Stop BC17:4118:33
Canning Street, Cheshire Lines Building17:4218:34
Canning Street, Lord Street17:4218:34
Tower Road, Tower Wharf17:4418:36
12 Quays Ferry Terminal, 12 Quays Ferry Terminal17:4618:38
Tower Road, Tower Wharf17:4718:39
Rendel Street, Freeman Street17:4718:40
Cleveland Street, Watson Street17:4818:41
Cleveland Street, Berner Street17:4818:42
Cleveland Street, Livingstone Street17:4918:42
Cleveland Street, Duke Street17:4918:43
Cleveland Street, Cavendish Street17:5018:44
Stanley Road, Ilchester Road17:5318:50
Hoylake Road, Challis Street17:5418:51
Hoylake Road, Hoblyn Road17:5418:51
Hoylake Road, Hurrell Road17:5618:53
Hoylake Road, Bidston Village Road17:5618:53
Bidston Bypass, Stop B17:5718:54
Hoylake Road, Reeds Lane17:5918:57
Hoylake Road, Stuart Avenue17:5918:58
Hoylake Road, Alwyn Gardens18:0018:59
Pasture Road, Garden Lane18:0119:00
Pasture Road, Stop B18:02-
Pasture Road, Tarran Drive18:03-
Pasture Road, Ditton Lane18:03-
Pasture Road, Lingham Lane18:04-
Leasowe Road, Oakmere Close18:05-
Leasowe Road, Reeds Lane18:06-
Twickenham Drive, Castleway North18:08-
Twickenham Drive, Hudson Road18:09-
Cameron Road, MacKenzie Road18:10-
Grant Road, Ross Avenue18:11-
Ross Avenue, No. 2218:11-
Ross Avenue, Grant Road18:12-
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