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CB Cumfybus


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Prescot Road, Fitzgerald Road07:14
Prescot Road, Black Horse Lane07:14
East Prescot Road, Chatterton Road07:15
East Prescot Road, Alder Hey Hospital07:16
East Prescot Road, Eaton Road07:17
East Prescot Road, Gala Close07:18
East Prescot Road, Ackers Hall Avenue07:19
East Prescot Road, Finch Lane07:19
East Prescot Road, Taurus Road07:20
Liverpool Road, Lordens Road07:21
Liverpool Road, Princess Drive07:22
Stockbridge Lane, St David's Road07:23
Stockbridge Lane, Melbury Road07:23
Stockbridge Lane, Waterpark Drive07:24
Stockbridge Lane, St Andrews Drive07:25
Knowsley Lane, Nursery Farm07:26
Knowsley Lane, Knowlsey Road Farm07:27
Knowsley Lane, Croxteth Lane07:28
Knowsley Lane, Shannons Lane07:29
Knowsley Lane, Home Farm Lane07:30
Knowsley Lane, Pinfold Lane07:30
Knowsley Lane, Shop Road07:32
Knowsley Lane, School Lane07:32
Knowsley Lane, Kitling Road07:33
Ormskirk Road, East Lancashire Road07:34
Coopers Lane, East Lancashire Road07:34
Coopers Lane, Hornhouse Lane07:35
South Boundary Road, Coopers Lane07:36
South Boundary Road, Admin Road07:36
South Boundary Road, Hornhouse Lane07:37
Lees Road, County Road07:38
Charley Wood Road, Lees Road07:38
Webber Road, Charley Wood Road07:39
Birchill Road, Newstet Road07:40
Hammond Road, Ashcroft Road07:41
Acornfield Road, Moss End Way07:42
Acornfield Road, Ashcroft Road07:43
Acornfield Road, Ashcroft Road07:43
Acornfield Road, Kirkby Bank Road07:44
Acornfield Road, Charley Wood Road07:45
Gale Road, Admin Road07:46
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