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Stagecoach Manchester


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Ashton Road, Selwyn Jones Sports Centre Hail and Ride14:35-15:40
Ashton Road, Woodlands Business Park14:36-15:41
Bridge Street, Queen Anne14:43-15:48
Bridge Street, School Street14:44-15:49
High Street, John Street14:45-15:50
Heath Street, Salisbury Street14:46-15:51
Bank Street, Grimshaw Street14:47-15:52
Edge Green Lane, Lilac Road14:49-15:54
Edge Green Lane, Prescott Avenue14:49-15:54
Edge Green Lane, Manley Avenue14:50-15:55
Edge Green Lane, Ashton Road14:50-15:55
Ashton Road, May Street14:53-15:58
Lowton Road, Rothwell Gardens14:54-15:59
Lowton Road, Golborne High School14:55-16:00
Lowton Road, Windsor Road14:55-16:00
Golborne Road, Rectory Avenue14:56-16:01
Church Lane, Lowton St Luke's14:57-16:02
Church Lane, Ashwood Avenue14:57-16:02
Church Lane, St Luke's CE Primary14:58-16:03
Church Lane, Fulwood Road14:59-16:04
Newton Road, Mather Avenue15:00-16:05
Newton Road, Norwood Avenue15:01-16:06
Newton Road, Lowton Labour Club15:01-16:06
Newton Road, Pocket Nook Lane15:03-16:08
Newton Road, Sandy Lane15:03-16:08
Newton Road, Reeve Street15:05-16:10
Clayhill Grove, Lowton C of E High School15:0815:00-
St Helens Road, Moss Industrial Estate15:1315:0516:11
St Helens Road, Pennington Flash15:1415:0616:12
St Helens Road, Jean Avenue15:1615:0816:15
St Helens Road, Pennington Park15:1615:0816:16
St Helens Road, Winmarleigh Gardens15:1715:0916:18
St Helens Road, Buck Street15:1815:1016:19
Twist Lane, Cook Street15:1915:1116:21
Twist Lane, Milton Street15:2015:1216:22
Firs Lane, Co-operative Street15:2115:1316:23
Firs Lane, Urmston Street15:2215:1416:24
Firs Lane, Malham Close15:2215:1416:24
Firs Lane, Fell Street15:2315:1516:25
Plank Lane, Mitchell Street15:2415:1616:26
Plank Lane, Common Lane15:2515:1716:27
Plank Lane, Tinsley Green Way15:2615:1816:28
Slag Lane, Canal Bridge15:2615:1816:28
Slag Lane, Heybrook Farm15:2715:1916:29
Slag Lane, Byrom Lodge15:2815:2016:30
Slag Lane, Slag Lane Riding Stables15:2915:2116:31
Slag Lane, Garton Drive15:3015:2216:32
Slag Lane, Braithwaite Road15:3115:2316:33
Slag Lane, Lowton West Primary School15:3215:2416:34

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