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Your new, state-of-the-art trains with their wide range of customer-focussed features and functions will transform how you travel. The trains are being built and maintained by Swiss-based manufacturer, Stadler, and will replace the near 40-year-old fleet that currently runs on the network – one of the oldest in the UK.

Altogether safer

Because your new trains have sliding steps the meet the platform, it's easier for everyone to board and alight safely. 

There's CCTV and a train manager on every train too. 

Better connected

Your new trains are designed to make your journey smoother. 

With charging points, WiFi, digital screens showing your location and a sliding step, we're making your journey a whole lot more connected. 

Comfortably better

With a sliding step, wider aisles, folding seats and areas specifically for bikes, wheelchairs and prams, everyone can travel in comfort. 

We've added automatic air con too: that's fresh thinking. 

Smarter by design

All your new trains have WiFi, charging ports and digital screens that show your location, so you can stay connected wherever you go. 

You'll ride in comfort too, with air con and new folding seats designed to take care of pushchairs and luggage. 

Space for everyone

With wider aisles, folding seats and extra space for luggage, prams, bikes and wheelchairs, everyone can enjoy their journey on your new trains. 

There're more room to carry 50% more passengers too.