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Bispham Road will be closed from Monday 10 June 2024 for approximately 5 days between 0930 and 1530 (off peak only).

Bus diversions are as follows:

Service 46

  • From Formby/Carr Lane will be as normal route to Sussex Road then via right Norwood Road, Butts Lane, Crowland Street, Russell Road where the service terminates. (Omits a section of Norwood Road, Bispham Road and Canning Road).
  • From Southport/Russell Road will be as normal route to Cobden Road then via left into Canning Road, Crowland Street, Butts Lane, Norwood Road then as normal to Birkdale/Carr Lane. (Omits a section of Canning Road, Bispham Road and Norwood Road).

Service 713

  • From High Park/Norwood Avenue/Hereford Road then as normal to Hillside, Greenbank High School. (Omits Roe Lane, Old Park Lane, Bispham Road, Canning Road, Crowland Street and Butts Lane).
  • From Hillside/Greenbank High School will be as normal route to Norwood Avenue. (Omits Butts Lane, Crowland Street, Canning Road, Bispham Road, Old Park Lane and Roe Lane).