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Leasowe Road will be closed from Friday 1 September 2023 until Friday 8 September 2023 between the hours of 0800 and 1730.

Bus diversions are as follows:

Services 413 and 414
From Birkenhead/Woodside will be as normal routes to Hoylake Road then via Fender Lane, Bidston Link Road, Leasowe Road then as normal routes to Seacombe (413) and New Brighton (414).
(Omits Reeds Lane, Birket Avenue, Castleway South, Twickenham Drive, Gardenside an a section of Leasowe Road).
From Seacombe (413) and New Brighton (414) will be as normal route to Wallasey Village then via Leasowe Road, Bidston Link Road, Fender Lane, Reeds Lane, Leasowe Road, Gardenside then as normal routes to Birkenhead (413) Woodside (414).
(Omits a section of Leasowe Road).

Ref: RW0561A