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 Mersey Tunnels Concessionary Travel Scheme

Mersey Tunnel Toll Booths 

 Am I eligible for free travel through the Mersey Tunnels?

You can apply for the Mersey Tunnels Concessionary Travel Scheme if:-

    • You have a Disabled Person’s (Blue) Parking Badge.
    • You receive the highest rate of mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance.
    • You are over 65 and receive the highest rate of Attendance Allowance.
    • You receive the enhanced rate of mobility component of the Personal Independence Payment.
    • You receive the mobility supplement of a war pension.


What do I get if I am eligible?

If you are eligible you will receive a number of free journeys through the Mersey Tunnels every year. The exact number depends upon where you live.
If you live within the local authority boundaries of Liverpool, Wirral, Sefton, Knowsley or St Helens you will receive 200 free journeys every year.
If you do not live in these local authorities you will receive 40 free journeys every year.

How to apply

Complete the application​ form or call 0151 330 1004 (8am-8pm, Monday to Friday) and we’ll send one out to you.

Please make sure you include a passport size photograph and all the necessary documents (originals only please). Details are listed on the application form.

Send your application form, photo and original documents to Merseytravel, P.O Box 1976, Liverpool L69 3HN. We will send your Fast Tag out to you by post.

Alternatively you can bring your form, photo and documents to any Merseytravel Centre. We will send your Fast Tag out to you by post.

To renew your Mersey Tunnels Concessionary Travel pass please complete this fo​rm​.

Terms and conditions of use

  1. The Fast Tag can only be used in the vehicle you nominated on your application form.
  2. You must travel through an attended toll booth to receive the free journey. If you use an automatic lane your Fast Tag will not work and you will have to pay the full toll for the journey.
  3. The Fast Tag can only be used by you, the concession holder. You must carry your personal identity pass and be travelling in your nominated vehicle.
  4. You must show your Disabled Person’s (Blue) Badge to Merseytravel staff if they ask.
  5. You must not use this Fast Tag in vehicles being used for carrying passengers or goods for hire or reward.
  6. If you change your nominated vehicle you must let us know by calling 0151 330 1004. You will not be allowed free travel until your new vehicle is registered with us.
  7. If you have not told us that you have changed your vehicle you will have to pay the full toll.
  8. The Fast Tag issued to you as part of this concessionary travel scheme remains the property of Merseytravel and must be returned to us if we ask. If it is lost or stolen we will charge you a fee to replace it. 
  9. The number of journeys you have left for the year and how many journeys you have used so far, can be checked on our website at or by calling 0151 330 1004
  10. If you abuse the terms and conditions of this scheme or abuse any member of Merseytravel staff we will withdraw your Fast Tag without notice. ​

​​​​​​​​​​​View the full Concessionary Travel terms and conditions.

Download the Mersey Tunnels Concessionary Fast Tag Scheme booklet here​.

Formal Appeals Process for Concessionary Travel ​