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 Merseytravel Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures imageMerseytravel Facts and Figures

On this page you can learn some interesting facts and gain an overview of Merseytravel’s structure, accomplishments and heritage.
  • Merseytravel is the combined Integrated Transport Authority (ITA) and Passenger Transport Executive (PTE) for Merseyside.
  • One name is used as elected representatives and officers are committed to being a fully integrated organisation for the benefit of the travelling public of Merseyside. 
  • Merseytravel covers the area of Merseyside (the five districts of Liverpool, Wirral, St Helens, Knowsley and Sefton), and co-ordinates public transport in partnership with bus and rail operators.
  • Merseytravel's five districts are represented on the ITA by 18 councillors, all committed to lead the way in ensuring excellent public transport services to meet the needs of residents, workers and visitors in our growing Liverpool City Region.
  • The organisation’s aim is to provide a single integrated transport network, which is customer focused and accessible to everyone.
  • Unusual as a PTE, as not only does Merseytravel work in partnership with private transport operators, but has the unique status of managing a twenty-five year rail franchise for the Department for Transport (DfT).
  • Merseytravel also owns and operates the Mersey Tunnels, the Mersey Ferries, U-Boat Story, the Spaceport attraction, The Beatles Story and Livesmart, a smart card organisation.
  • Merseytravel is committed to providing the best possible services and value for money, seeking a fully integrated and environmentally friendly public transport network, accessible to all. It is proud to play a major role in the continued regeneration of Merseyside, economically, environmentally and socially.

Merseytravel – Awards and Accolades

Amongst many accolades, Merseytravel has achieved:
  • Centre of Excellence status for integrated public transport, integrated public transport planning and the delivery of public transport schemes.
  • It was voted Passenger Transport Authority of the Year for 2004 and 2005.
  • Merseytravel, with Local Transport Plan (LTP) partners, is the only Metropolitan Authority to receive a double excellent rating for its LTP programme.
  • Independent polls show Merseyrail as the top performing rail operator in the UK.
  • Mersey Ferries remains the top 'paid for' tourist attraction in the region.
  • Queensway Tunnel has been independently assessed as the safest road tunnel for its age in Europe.
  • Merseytravel's Traveline Team are the best performing travel call centre in the country.
  • Merseytravel's learning arm, Merseylearn, is internationally renowned scooping several major national awards.
  • Merseytravel has achieved Investors in People 'Champion,' status, one of only a handful of companies in the UK to do so.

Merseytravel - BusesBus in Liverpool

  • Merseytravel provides funding for vital public transport services that people need but which cannot be run profitably.
  • Merseytravel provides, maintains and improves bus stops, shelters, stations and bus timetable information and staffs every bus station from when the first bus arrives until the last bus leaves.
  • In recent years Merseytravel has been working with local communities, local authorities and employment services to provide subsidised bus services specifically to help the unemployed find jobs in areas of economic growth, even to the extent of crossing boundaries.
  • Merseytravel is also working with a number of European partners in pioneering pilot projects exploring alternative bus fuels such as gas and electricity.
  • Merseyside is only one of nine national 'trailblazers' of Clear Zones, which seek to create better urban areas where traffic congestion, noise and pollution are minimised by using innovative technology and ideas.
  • Merseytravel is also the only PTE to have received accreditation to ISO 14001 standard and has introduced an Environmental Management System, aimed at reviewing and improving, wherever possible, the environmental performance of all its operations.
  • The fact that Merseyside's ITA and PTE are joined up means that Merseytravel can take a co-ordinated approach to tackling social exclusion. Thanks to innovative thinking and hands on community involvement Merseytravel is pioneering new methods of targeting hard to reach groups and pockets of severe deprivation in an attempt to promote and improve awareness of public transport.
  • Merseytravel has a very active corporate partnerships team, it has pioneered the TravelSafe partnership and the JobLink service and is continuing to develop new Smartcard technologies and close involvement in key partnerships (such as the Housing Market Renewal Initiative).

Merseytravel - RailLiverpool Central

  • The Merseyrail network covers 66 train stations, with over 34 million passenger journeys being made on the rail network each year.
  • In July 2003 Merseytravel assumed full powers over the performance, investment and consumer protection for the Merseyrail Electrics franchise. Uniquely in the UK, the Merseyrail franchise is awarded by Merseytravel because the franchise is self-contained and largely separate from the rest of the British railway network. This coincided with the letting of a unique 25-year concession to Serco NedRailways.
  • A programme of refurbishment of 59 train units has been completed at a cost of more than £34million.
  • Merseyrail Electrics is now regularly the best performing train-operating company (TOC) in mainland UK.
  • Merseytravel and Merseyrail have been very successful in the 'Secure Stations' initiative, with almost all train stations meeting the tough national standards. Many stations also have Safer Parking accreditation.
  • Merseyside saw some of the first Police Community Support Officers on the rail network in the UK.
  • The 'world class', sustainable rail/bus interchange Liverpool South Parkway continues to win awards for its innovative sustainable features and passenger numbers have exceeded every target set.


Merseyrail - A Brief History

Liverpool Overhead Railway - A Brief History

Merseytravel - FerriesMersye Ferries

  • Mersey Ferries, which are owned and operated by Merseytravel, have been totally repositioned to become the Liverpool city region's most popular paid-for tourist attraction as well as a convenient way to cross the River Mersey.
  • Merseytravel has completed the multi-million pound refurbishment of all three ferries and is developing all three ferry terminals.
  • Merseytravel operates the Mersey Ferries running a daily commuter service across the River Mersey as well as very successful tourist cruises and visitor attractions at the terminals, including the £10million 'Spaceport', the UK's latest space-themed attraction.
  • All records for passengers on the popular Manchest​er Ship Canal Cruises continue to be broken.


Mersey Ferries - A Brief History

Merseytravel - TunnelsMersey Tunnel

  • Up to 95,000 vehicles per day cross under the River Mersey via the two Mersey road tunnels: the Queensway which opened in 1934 linking Birkenhead with Liverpool, and the Kingsway opened 1971 which links Wallasey with Liverpool.
  • These tunnels have been put on a firm financial footing by the passing of the Mersey Tunnels Act 2004.
  • The Mersey Tunnels are now regarded as the safest tunnels in the UK.
  • The Queensway Tunnel is the regarded as the safest tunnel for its age in Europe, following a review by the independent EuroTAP inspection team.
  • Merseytravel has made the tunnel's safe environment even safer with the completion of a very important safety project in the Queensway Tunnel. The project involved the creation of a series of new escape chambers, which are available to tunnels users in the event of an incident.
  • A series of Mersey Tunnel Tours have been launched for people to see the inner workings of the amazing feat of engineering, Queensway Tunnel.


Mersey Tunnels - A Brief History

To learn more about Merseytravel, including our corporate plans, social and environmental commitments, to our strategic objectives and vision, please visit our corporate information page.
For more information on our structure and how we are governed please visit the Your Authority section.

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