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 Workplace Charge Point Grants

​Workplace Charge Point Grants

Merseytravel is pleased to announce its latest Capital Grant scheme aimed at helping you to increase the number of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (EV) to your site.


We are offering grants of up to £5,000 for the supply & installation of electric charge points for the exclusive benefit of staff, visitors, volunteers, and company pool & fleet vehicles.  Works can be of benefit to one business, or to a group of organisations sharing a site.

  • Does at least one member of your staff have use of an EV?
  • Does at least one member of your staff have use of an EV?
  • Does your business allow staff to lease or purchase an EV?
  • Has a member of your staff expressed an interest in purchasing an EV?
  • Has charging infrastructure been requested at your work?


Things to consider before applying

  • Consult with your Health & Safety Officer 
  • Devise a policy to manage the process, i.e. who has priority access, staff or company vehicles, will the bays be ‘bookable’? 
  • Will you look to set a tariff on the charge point - often back office providers charge and admin fee for this service.
  • Investigate the personal & corporate tax implications of any ‘free fuel’ to individual beneficiary staff & fleet vehicles using plug-in hybrid engines (there is currently no fuel benefit on fully electric vehicles).  may be of assistance.
  • Consider the location of the charge point – it should not be accessible to the general public, only staff, visitors and company vehicles.
  • Read the grant terms and conditions which can be found here & satisfy yourself you’d be happy to sign up to these on award.
  • Consider the type of charge point you require - a 7kw charge point is recommended as a minimum, this will charge a vehicle 80% in 3-4 hours. 
  • This grant covers capital costs only.  Any revenue costs such as back office, maintenance and warranty are not eligible to be claimed.  

        Information required with application

        • Three quotes from the suggested Charge point Supplier list which can be found here, or any of the approved installers from the OLEV website.
        • Supply of proof from the building / site owner of their agreement. 


        How will my application be assessed?

        • How you will measure the increase in Ultra Low Emission Vehicles to your site to your site(s).
        • How you will promote the infrastructure to your staff, visitors, customers and users.
        • How the scheme provides value for money, e.g. cost per charger vs number of people using it.


        How to apply?

        Applications will only be accepted via the survey link below, if you are unable to access this form and require a word version of the form please contact us on the details below. 

         Workplace charge point grant application form​


        Useful information

        Please note that this is a limited capital grant funding programme which will be assessed on a first come first served basis from February 2018. 

        Applicants will then be expected to complete their project by 31st December 2018, with
        the completed claim form submitted by 18th January 2019, monitoring forms will be
        required by 15th March 2019.
        This grant will be paid after the work is completed.  Grant payments will be made on evidence of paid supplier invoice & bank transaction via BACS (on 30 days terms).
        Successful applicants will be notified within 4 weeks of receipt. Notification will be in the form of an Offer Letter, which must be signed and returned to Merseytravel within 2 weeks of the notification and before work can start on site.

        You do not need to provide additional capital or revenue monies to access this funding unless it is readily available, or the project as a whole will cost more that £5000 to complete. Please note we do not pay VAT and any incurred will have to be met by your organisation. The only exception to this rule is if you have 'charitable status' and your organisation is unable to reclaim VAT.

        It is a condition of the grant that you will be willing to provide monitoring and evaluation information on the project as required on a 6 month and 12 monthly basis.  Information required will include;

        • Number of charge sessions
        • Number of EV vehicles in fleets
        • Number of individual users


        Help to complete your application

        If you have any queries regarding the application process or would like to discuss your project further, please contact a member of the Corporate Engagement Team on 0151 330 1851 or email