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The Best Vehicle For Short Journeys

It’s nearly spring and time for the clocks to go forward. Time to get out and about on foot and by bike for those essential short journeys to the shops, school and to the park.

Most of the journeys in our city region are less than 5km, but a lot of us still make those trips by car. If we start to switch to people power to get to the shops, to work or school, to see friends and family, we can really make a difference. Whether you walk, cycle, jog, push a buggy or use a handbike - every move matters. Not only would it be great for our health, but also our wallets and the planet.

Millions of pounds are being invested in new cycling and walking routes across our city region to help you travel actively with more confidence.

The benefits

You’ll enjoy it. 

Most people who walk and cycle in the Liverpool City Region say they enjoy it. Give it a try, or do it more often, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Everyone’s doing it!

59% of people in the Liverpool City Region think there will be more cycling and walking after the pandemic, so why not join the club and get moving?

It’s the easiest way to exercise. 

There are no gym memberships or difficult and time-consuming routines involved, just walk or cycle the short journeys you’re already making – if you avoid the traffic you might get there even faster!

Cycling and walking more…

  • Improves your physical and mental health: Regular walking and cycling can help reduce the risk of illnesses like heart disease and stroke as well as mental health conditions like depression and anxiety by around a third.
  • Saves you money: By not having to pay for fuel or parking, you can save serious money. A study in Denmark showed commuting by bike is on average six times less expensive than by car. And jogging or running could even save you money on a gym membership!
  • Helps the environment and air quality: Poor air quality kills around 800 people a year across our city region, by travelling more actively we can cut harmful emissions. Schemes to support walking and cycling have already cut carbon emissions here by 1,600 tonnes per year – the equivalent of taking 350 cars off the road.

Keep a look out for our new campaign over the coming months, online and outdoors across the City Region. And before you take your next journey just think; is the best vehicle for this journey me?