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Walking and cycling as part of your daily commute could save you money, time and hassle.

Find out how getting active on your way to work can make you feel better and learn more about getting around Liverpool City Region on foot and by bike. We've also got a dedicated Arrive Happy Facebook p​age with loads of walking and cycling info, tips and success stories so head over and follow us to receive regular updates.



Why not try walking to work, school, the shops, the cinema... anywhere you can get to on foot? It's the easiest and cheapest form of exercise there is, and there are lots of benefits to getting out and about in the fresh air.

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Cycling can make you happier, healthier and less stressed. And the benefits aren't just for you. Cycling also helps to reduce traffic and congestion, which means you're improving air quality and cleaning up the environment too.

Find out more about our plans for Cycling and Walking in the Liverpool City Region