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Quick Cycling Tips

Practical advice on how to make the most of your next bike ride, wherever that is.

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Pump your tyres up

It’s the difference between feeling like you’re riding through treacle or feeling like a Tour De France champion! Getting hold of a ‘track pump’ with a gauge and keep your tyres pumped up to the right P.S.I (it’s the small number printed on your tyre).

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Adjust your saddle for your height

When you are peddling you want your legs to be just about straight when the peddle is at the bottom of each turn. When you are standing in a stop position you should be just on your tip toes - that means you’ll be using the power of your whole leg and will go further with less effort.

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Make sure you have lights and a bell

It’s the law that your bike must be fitted with a bell. One single ring is enough to let anyone know you’re behind them. And always keep your bike lights with you, day or night. If you can find rechargeable lights then you’ll save money on batteries too.

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Dress for the weather

Fork out for the best waterproof you can afford, and make sure it’s lightweight so it’s easy to pack. Keep your body dry and everything else is fine, whatever the weather.

More Help and Advice

National cycling charity Sustrans’ Get Active site has guides available on a variety of subjects – from route planning to maintenance to choosing the right kind of bike for you.