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Reduce emissions and pollution

“I use my bike every day, pretty much. When you start to cycle, you'll take different routes to places that you might not have done otherwise in a car, and you just get to know your local neighbourhood and your local area much better. 

“I tend not to do much, kind of, longer recreational riding, it's pretty much all getting to the office, getting the kids to school, nipping to the shops and back and going to see family as well. 

“For me, I think cycling is like a form of meditation in some ways. It's just a way of, kind of, switching off and just watching the world go by and really unplugging from everything, so yes, I think the mental health benefits of cycling for me have been probably bigger than I even realised.

“It's pretty common knowledge about the destructive impacts that cars can have in terms of pollution. So cycling is just an absolute no-brainer, such an easy win for the environment just to reduce emissions and pollution that we are all breathing in.”