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Easy and


“I used to get around by car a lot but recently I decided to walk every day and it’s been great. 

“I find it really easy and convenient to do in my local area. It’s normal for me to take a walk every lunchtime. I walk to go to my local shop, I walk to see my mates – and when I need to take the bus instead of getting dropped off I just walk to the stop. 

“Walking has benefited my mental health massively, I feel fresher and generally more happy after I’ve had a walk – and I definitely notice the difference in my mood on the days where I haven’t managed to get out for one.

 “I would say walking is the best choice for me for short journeys particularly around where I live – it definitely saves me money on petrol. I’ve found it’s cheaper just to do some of those local journeys on foot.”

“I’d say to anyone thinking of walking, give it a go – just take a step out of the door and see where it takes you.”