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Beneficial and

“I really enjoy cycling especially the confidence it has given me on the roads. It’s great to save so much time, avoid traffic jams and not worry about having to park my car. 

“I can easily and safely pop to the shops, meet friends in the park and commute to work. I take my bike on the train and that means I can go even further. And then it’s so much quicker to get home from the station when you’re cycling. 

“Cycling has given me independence and improved my mental health immensely. I notice my surroundings more and appreciate the natural beauty around me as well as discovering places in my city I never knew existed. It’s free and keeps me fit. 

“I’ve converted the whole family. I’ve even got a special adapted bike for my daughter who has mobility issues so we can ride together. Cycling is so beneficial and enjoyable, a big part of my life and something everyone should try.”