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Real Time Information QR Codes 

QR codes linking customers to live bus departures have been rolled out at 600 bus stops across the network at the end of May (see below for locations). This is a proof-of-concept approach which will inform the decision on how the project is progressed. 

Engagement activities with a wide range of users will be undertaken to determine the value of the approach and inform any future roll out of the RTI QR codes. A survey to capture feedback is live until 30th June 2024. 

Real time information (RTI) for bus departures allows bus users to travel with confidence which in turn encourages bus usage. Typically, RTI is displayed at stops on digital screens. Installing digital screens at all 6200 bus stops across the network would require substantial budget and take a number of years to deliver. Digital screens can also present an accessibility issue for people with visual impairments and mobility issues. 

Stop specific QR codes displayed at all bus stops which when scanned by customers directs them to real time bus departures for that stop are an alternative way to deliver RTI at all stops and overcome the barriers of cost, deployment timescales and some accessibility issues.  



QR codes to access RTI using a mobile phone offer improved accessibility: 

  • The RTI departure page has text to speech functionality to allow users to select an audio output of the live departure. 
  • Access audio output via the users’ personal mobile phone also allows users to do so discreetly. 
  • Having RTI displayed on a mobile phone allows users to resize the screen to a readable zoom. 
  • The RTI departure page has a toggle switch to select either light or dark mode display options. Dark mode can be beneficial for all users, but especially users with low vision and light sensitivity. 
  • Departure page can be bookmarked for future use so no need to rescan the code for your usual bus stop.  
Example of a mobile departure board

Current QR Code Locations

  • Liverpool City Centre
  • Kirkby area - including Kirkby Bus Station
  • Halewood Shopping Centre
  • St Helens Town Centre - plus Earlestown Bus Station and Newton-le-Willows rail station
  • Birkenhead Town Centre
  • Southport (Lord Street)
  • Liverpool John Lennon Airport
  • Along routes 38A (St Helens), 44, 86A, 204 and 437.
Example of how the QR Code will appear on stops