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Here in the Liverpool City Region, we are committed to providing public transport services (bus, rail, & ferry) that meet the needs of all passengers and people who travel or work across the networks.  We want everyone to be confident to use public transport, and to be treated with dignity, fairness and respect when they do.

We understand in particular that hate crime can have the potential to have a significant, long-term and detrimental impact on victims, their families, friends and witnesses.  These incidents also have an impact on the wider communities across Merseyside and can lead to a lack of public confidence in travelling on public transport.
That’s why our pledge to you is that we will:
• Work together with all of our partners to reduce discrimination, prejudice, harassment, victimisation or violence related to hate of any kind on public transport.
• Encourage victims of hate incidents and crimes that take place across the public transport network to report it, every time.
• Work in partnership with Merseyside Police and British Transport Police, and any other law enforcement agencies, so that your reports can be directed to the appropriate authority, and investigated fully.
• Ensure that there are third-party reporting agencies in place that can take your report, should you not want to report to the police services directly.
• Keep you updated and work with all of our partners and the criminal justice agencies in order to present the best evidence to bring offenders to justice.
• Investigate your complaints thoroughly if you are not happy with the way your report has been dealt with.
In return, we ask you to:
• Be courteous and treat everyone who travels or works on public transport with dignity and respect.
• Observe the various Regulations and Conditions of Carriage across the rail, bus, and ferry services across Merseyside.
• Report hate, every time.  If you experience or witness any discrimination, prejudice, harassment, victimisation or violence on the public transport network, we ask that you report it straight away.
This Pledge, and our promises to you, will be reviewed at least every 12 months.