Public transport users benefit as more tickets made available to buy online

Publish date

Thursday, March 18, 2021

  • New ticket products added to the MetroSmart Portal
  • Platform Validators installed at rail stations across the city region
  • Latest step in journey towards London-style transport system for our region

More bus and rail tickets are now available to buy online via the MetroSmart portal, as part of the Combined Authority’s Smart Ticketing programme.
Customers can now buy the following tickets via the portal, and with improvements to the account system also complete, buying online has become even more convenient:

  • Solo Young Person Tickets
  • Solo Term Time Tickets
  • Merseyrail Only Rail Pass
  • The ability to have more than one card linked to an account (e.g. children’s tickets added to parent's accounts).

In another move designed to improve the customer experience, Merseyrail, supported with funding from Transport for the North, has installed over 180 Platform Validators (PVAL) at 66 stations across the Merseyrail network.

This means that customers can ‘collect’ the Merseyrail Only Rail Pass they have purchased online by tapping their smart card on the Platform Validators, or by using the rail gates at any of the Merseyrail stations at the start and end of each journey.

This is the latest stage in the development of smart ticketing for the City Region and part of Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram’s aim to deliver a London-style public transport network, making access to public transport more streamlined and customer friendly.

A number of further long-term aims remain, including ‘tap and go’ travel, digital season tickets and other more flexible products as peoples travel patterns change.

“Last year when we launched the MetroCard, I said that this was a key step on our journey to delivering a London-style public transport network for our city region that is quick, affordable and easy to use.

“The last twelve months might have seen fewer people using public transport, but the MetroCard will be a feature on our local network for years to come.

“These new features are only the beginning. We’ll be looking to add more kinds of ticket and greater functionality to the cards in future.”

Steve Rotheram

Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region

“The installation of platform validators across our network and making the Merseyrail Only Railpass available on the MetroSmart Portal is a major step forward. This will modernise and simplify the process of purchasing a train ticket – something we know that our passengers want.

“This launch is an exciting step as we continue to work with our partners to ensure that travelling on the Merseyrail network is as easy and straightforward as possible for the people of the Liverpool City Region.

“More information on how to use the platform validators is available on our website or by asking our helpful station staff.”

Suzanne Grant

Commercial Director at Merseyrail

“We’re thrilled to have supported Mayor Rotheram and Merseyrail launch their online ticketing offer, which will give passengers new levels of convenience, flexibility and choice about how and when they pay for their tickets.

“Funding over 180 platform validators at stations across the Merseyrail network has enabled the sale of more smart tickets online and, importantly, will help expand the ability to ‘tap and go’ in the future.

“Passengers in Liverpool City Region deserve that London-style experience and convenience that travellers in the capital take for granted, and it’s great to strides being taken toward that goal.”

Jeremy Acklam

Integrated and Smart Travel Director at Transport for the North