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Trio tickets can be used on buses, trains and Mersey Ferries (direct river crossings only) in Merseyside, any time and any day. Make as many journeys as you want in the zones and areas you choose. Tickets are valid for a week, a month, a term or a year.




Term time


1 zone





2 zones or 1 area





3 zones or 1 area+1 zone





All zones across the county





Young Person


Term time

1 zone



2 zones or 1 area



3 zones or 1 area+1 zone



All zones across the county



Where can I use it? 

Trio tickets are valid on buses, trains and Mersey Ferries* in your chosen zones or areas across Merseyside. Check which zone your journey starts in and which zone it ends in then make a note of the zones you travel through. Add the number of zones together (if you travel through two or more zones in one area, this counts as one area). If you find that your journey will take you outside your chosen ticket’s zone or area, simply pay the normal fare for the ‘extra’ part of your journey before the journey begins. You can combine different types of season tickets for journeys through different areas or zones. For example, you could travel from Liverpool to Ormskirk either by an all zones Railpass (rail only) or a Trio ticket for area C and a Railpass for Zone F. *For cross river journeys only. To enjoy the full, continuous River Explorer Cruise you can either buy a supplementary ticket for your Trio or you can buy a full River Explorer Cruise ticket from the terminal when collecting your boarding pass.

When can I use it? 

Weekly, Monthly or Annual Tickets - Anytime any day. Activates on the day you buy it. 

Term Time Tickets - Monday- Friday before 8pm during term times only. 

Where can I buy it? 

From any Merseytravel Centre or any staffed Merseyrail network station within Merseyside*. All stations sell weekly and monthly tickets, but only some sell annual and term time tickets. Merseytravel Centres stock only local tickets. Please call 0151 330 1000 to check. *Does not include Town Green, Aughton Park, Ormskirk, Chester, Bache, Capenhurst, Ellesmere Port, Overpool or Little Sutton stations.

What do I need for my first ticket? 

Weekly, Monthly or Annual Ticket- Bring a passport size photograph to any Merseytravel Centre or Merseyrail station.

Term Time Ticket- A passport size photo and, if you are buying an adult's term time ticket, the application form which has been signed and stamped by your school, college, university or training provider to confirm that you are in full time education, training or work-based learning. Someone else can buy the ticket for you but they must bring along a recent passport size photo of you. 

Term Time Ticket Application (PDF, 1.14MB)

How do I renew my ticket? 

Go to any Merseytravel Centre or a Merseyrail station. 

When can I renew my ticket? 

Weekly and Monthly Tickets- Up to three days before it runs out. 

Annual Tickets- Up to seven days in advance before it runs out. 

Term Time Tickets- A few days before term starts but you cannot use it before the beginning of term. 

How can I pay? 

Cash, credit or debit cards. 

Please make sure that you read the Terms and Conditions before buying and using your Trio ticket. 


Terms and Conditions



Not sure which ticket is best for you? Use our ticket finder to help.