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Hough Green Road, Four Topped Oak08:05
Queensbury Way, Queensbury Way08:06
Queensbury Way, Queensbury Way08:08
Hall Lane, The Roundabout08:12
Hall Lane, Cronton Park Avenue08:13
Smithy Lane, The Ridgeway08:13
Smithy Lane, Hampton Drive08:14
Cronton Road, Smithy Lane08:14
Cronton Road, Hall Lane08:15
Cronton Lane, Pex Hill08:16
Cronton Lane, Hillcrest08:17
Birchfield Road, The Globe08:18
Birchfield Road, Buckingham Avenue08:19
Birchfield Road, Pit Lane08:21
Birchfield Road, Widnes Station08:23
Birchfield Road, Birchfield Road08:25
Leigh Avenue, The Albion08:27
Leigh Avenue, Leigh Avenue08:28
Vicarage Road, Widnes Vicarage Road (alighting Only)08:34
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