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Fleet Lane, Derbyshire Hill Road08:00
Waring Avenue, Reynolds Ave08:00
Mount Pleasant Avenue, Mount Pleasant Avenue08:02
McMinnis Avenue, Derbyshire Hill Road08:03
Derbyshire Hill Road, Swan Avenue08:03
Deryshire Hill Road, Provident Street08:04
Ashtons Green Drive, Derbyshire Hill Road08:05
Cheviot Avenue, Cheviot Avenue08:05
Pennine Drive, Pennine Drive08:06
Fleet Lane, Ashtons Green Drive08:08
Concourse Way, Moss Lane08:10
Berrys Lane, Brookway Lane08:10
Watery Lane, Berrys Lane08:11
Watery Lane, Rolling Mill Lane08:12
Watery Lane, Hoghton Road08:13
Cecil Street, Cecil Street08:13
Junction Lane, Cecil Street08:14
Station Road, St Helens Junction Rail Station08:15
Station Road, Peckers Hill Road08:15
Robins Lane, Ellen Street08:16
Robins Lane, Monastery Road08:16
Robins Lane, Waterdale Crescent08:17
Robins Lane, Baxters Lane08:18
Baxters Lane, Baxters Lane08:18
Sutton Road, Baxters Lane08:19
Sutton Road, Gower Street08:20
Sutton Road, Beaufort Street08:21
Marshalls Cross Road, Manville Street08:22
Marshalls Cross Road, St Helens Hospital08:23
Marshalls Cross Road, Robins Lane08:24
Marshalls Cross Road, Eaves Lane08:26
Lea Green Station Turning Circle, Lea Green Station08:28
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