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STA Stagecoach Merseyside


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Seaview Road, Thirlmere Drive14:40
Seaview Road, Silverlea Avenue14:41
Liscard Crescent, Stop C14:42
St Albans Road, Stop F14:45
Wallasey Road, Torrington Road14:46
Wallasey Road, Knaresborough Road14:47
St Hilary Brow, Millthwaite Road14:47
Wallasey Village, School Lane14:48
Leasowe Road, Wallasey Village14:50
Leasowe Road, Stop B14:50
Leasowe Road, Southcroft Road14:51
Leasowe Road, Heyes Drive14:53
Leasowe Road, Gardenside14:55
Leasowe Road, Leasoweside14:55
Leasowe Road, Castleway North14:56
Leasowe Road, Wakefield Drive14:56
Leasowe Road, Reeds Lane14:57
Reeds Lane, Blackheath Drive14:58
Reeds Lane, Stop B15:00
Hoylake Road, Reeds Lane15:01
Hoylake Road, Stuart Avenue15:02
Hoylake Road, Alwyn Gardens15:03
Upton Road, Glebelands Road15:05
Upton Road, Marian Drive15:05
Upton Road, Croft Drive15:07
Moreton Road, The Woodlands15:10
Moreton Road, Braeside Gardens15:11
Old Greasby Road, Frankby Grove15:12
Greasby Road, Cortsway15:13
Greasby Road, Brookdale Avenue North15:14
Greasby Road, Norwood Road15:15
Greasby Road, MacDonald Drive15:16
Greasby Road, Eastcott Close15:17
Frankby Road, Millcroft Park15:18
Frankby Road, Frankby Green15:20
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