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HUY Huyton Travel


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Bootle Bus Station/Stand 519:2721:2723:27
Marsh Lane, Hornby Road19:2821:2823:28
Stanley Road, Marsh Lane19:2921:2923:29
Stanley Road, Bootle Strand Shopping Centre19:3021:3023:30
Stanley Road, Park Street19:3021:3023:30
Merton Road, Stanley Road19:3121:3123:31
Park Street, Well Lane19:3221:3223:32
Park Street, Langdale Street19:3221:3223:32
Fernhill Road, Hatfield Road19:3321:3323:33
Fernhill Road, Harrison Drive19:3421:3423:34
Fernhill Road, Derby Park19:3421:3423:34
Fernhill Road, Leicester Road19:3521:3523:35
Fernhill Road, Aintree Road19:3621:3623:36
Fernhill Road, Vaux Crescent19:3621:3623:36
Fernhill Road, Spence Avenue19:3621:3623:36
Fernhill Road, Ainsdale Road19:3721:3723:37
Fernhill Road, Menai Road19:3821:3823:38
Menai Road, Orrell Road19:3821:3823:38
Harris Drive, Orrell Road19:3921:3923:39
Harris Drive, Thackeray Gardens19:4021:4023:40
Kirkstone Road South, Eccleshall Avenue19:4121:4123:41
Church Road, Kirkstone Road North19:4221:4223:42
Church Road, Boundary Road19:4321:4323:43
Netherton Way, Dunnings Bridge Road19:4421:4423:44
Netherton Way, Captains Lane19:4421:4423:44
Netherton Way, Bridle Road19:4521:4523:45
Orrell Lane, Netherton Way19:4621:4623:46
Orrell Lane, Alexandra Drive19:4621:4623:46
Orrell Lane, Bull Lane19:4721:4723:47
Orrell Lane, Orrell Park Station19:4821:4823:48
Longmoor Lane, Warbreck Moor19:5021:5023:50
Longmoor Lane, Goodacre Road19:5021:5023:50
Longmoor Lane, Greenwich Road19:5121:5123:51
Seeds Lane, Foxhunter Drive19:5321:5323:53
Melling Road, Seeds Lane19:5321:5323:53
Melling Road, Greenwich Road19:5421:5423:54
Warbreck Moor, Aintree Station19:5521:5523:55
Ormskirk Road, Aintree Station19:5721:5723:57
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