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STA Stagecoach Merseyside


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Liverpool ONE Bus Station/Stand 5-06:5507:5508:55-17:0018:00
King Edward Street, Great Howard Street-06:5807:5808:58-17:0318:03
Great Howard Street, Paisley Street-06:5907:5908:59-17:0418:04
Great Howard Street, Vandries Street-07:0008:0009:00-17:0518:05
Great Howard Street, Cotton Street-07:0108:0109:01-17:0618:06
Great Howard Street, Saltney Street-07:0208:0209:02-17:0718:07
Great Howard Street, Blackstone Street-07:0308:0309:03-17:0818:08
Derby Road, Errington Street-07:0408:0409:04-17:0918:09
Derby Road, Sandhills Lane-07:0508:0509:05-17:1018:10
Derby Road, Juniper Street-07:0608:0609:06-17:1118:11
Derby Road, Bankfield Street-07:0608:0609:06-17:1118:11
Derby Road, Lodwick Street-07:0708:0709:07-17:1218:12
Derby Road, Millers Bridge-07:0908:0909:09-17:1418:14
Derby Road, Grimshaw Street-07:0908:0909:09-17:1418:14
Rimrose Road, Strand Road-07:1208:1209:12-17:1718:17
Rimrose Road, Vulcan Street-07:1308:1309:13-17:1818:18
Marsh Lane, Rimrose Road-07:1408:1409:14-17:1918:19
Marsh Lane, Tennyson Street-07:1508:1509:15-17:2018:20
Marsh Lane, Chestnut Grove-07:1708:1709:17-17:2218:22
Bootle Bus Station/Stand 6-07:1908:19-16:2417:24-
Bootle Bus Station/Stand 5---09:19--18:24
Merton Road, Washington Parade-07:2008:20-16:2517:2518:25
Stanley Road, Bootle Strand Shopping Centre-07:2208:22-16:2717:2718:27
Marsh Lane, Stanley Road-07:2208:22--17:27-
Marsh Lane, Irlam Road-07:2408:24-16:2917:29-
Marsh Lane, Tennyson Street-07:2408:24-16:2917:29-
Marsh Lane, Chaucer Street-07:2508:25-16:3017:30-
Crosby Road North, South Road06:24------
Crosby Road South, Sandringham Road06:25------
Cambridge Road, Dewlands Road06:26------
Sandy Road, Sandown Road06:27------
Ewart Road, Sandy Road06:28------
Crescent Road, Elm Road06:29------
Seaforth Road, Muspratt Road06:30------
Rimrose Road, Peel Road06:31------
Rimrose Road, Marsh Lane06:3207:2508:25-16:3017:30-
Rimrose Road, Atlantic Road06:3407:2608:26-16:3117:31-
Derby Road, Pleasant Street06:3507:2708:27-16:3217:32-
Derby Road, Douglas Place06:3707:2908:29-16:3417:34-
Derby Road, Bedford Place06:3707:2908:29-16:3417:34-
Derby Road, Esk Street06:3807:3008:30-16:3517:35-
Derby Road, Forge Street06:3907:3108:31-16:3617:36-
Derby Road, Studholme Street06:4007:3208:32-16:3717:37-
Derby Road, Sandhills Lane06:4107:3308:33-16:3817:38-
Great Howard Street, Blackstone Street06:4207:3508:35-16:4017:40-
Great Howard Street, Bentinck Street06:4307:3608:36-16:4117:41-
Great Howard Street, Upper William Street06:4407:3708:37-16:4217:42-
Great Howard Street, Sprainger Street06:4507:3808:38-16:4317:43-
Great Howard Street, Leeds Street06:4607:3908:39-16:4417:44-
Old Hall Street, Old Leeds Street06:4707:4008:40-16:4517:45-
Old Hall Street, Edmund Street06:4707:4108:41-16:4617:46-
Moorfields, Moorfields Station06:4907:4308:43-16:4817:48-
Dale Street, North John Street06:4907:4408:44-16:4917:49-
James Street, James Street Station----16:50--
Liverpool ONE Bus Station/Stand 606:5207:4808:48-16:5317:53-
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