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STA Stagecoach Merseyside


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Queen Square Bus Station/Stand 507:0917:1418:15
London Road, Greek Street07:1217:1918:18
London Road, Gildart Street07:1317:2118:20
Brunswick Road, Shaw Street07:1517:2418:22
Everton Road, Brunswick Road07:1817:2818:25
Everton Road, Plumpton Street07:1917:2818:25
Heyworth Street, Lloyd Close07:2017:2918:26
Breck Road, Lance Close07:2117:3118:27
Breck Road, Faraday Street07:2217:3218:29
Breck Road, Grasmere Street07:2417:3318:30
Breck Road, St Andrew Road07:2517:3418:30
Townsend Lane, Abbey Road07:2617:3518:31
Townsend Lane, Vicar Road07:2717:3618:33
Townsend Lane, Pinehurst Avenue07:2917:3718:34
Townsend Lane, Richard Kelly Drive07:2917:3818:34
Townsend Lane, Cherry Lane07:3117:3918:35
Townsend Avenue, Sandyville Road07:3217:4018:36
Townsend Avenue, Broad Lane07:3417:4218:38
Utting Avenue East, Townsend Avenue07:3417:4218:38
Utting Avenue East, Parthenon Drive07:3517:4318:39
Utting Avenue East, Sedgemoor Road07:3717:4418:40
Utting Avenue East, Scargreen Avenue07:3817:4518:41
Utting Avenue East, Cottesbrook Road07:3917:4618:42
Storrington Avenue, Oakgate Close07:4117:4718:43
Storrington Avenue, Waterstone Close07:4217:4818:44
Altcross Road, Standard Road07:4317:4918:45
Altcross Road, Unicorn Road07:4417:4918:45
Altcross Road, Cubert Road07:4417:5018:46
Middle Way, Mullion Road07:4517:5118:47
Middle Way, Newlyn Road07:4617:5218:48
Willow Way, Petherick Road07:4817:5318:49
East Lancashire Road, M5707:4917:5418:50
School Lane, Gellings Road07:5217:5718:53
School Lane, Kitling Road07:5317:5818:54
Kitling Road, Kitling Road07:5417:5918:55
Knowsley Lane, Ormskirk Road07:5618:0118:57
School Lane, Knowsley Lane07:5718:0218:58
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