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STA Stagecoach Merseyside


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Shevingtons Lane, Moorfield07:12
Shevingtons Lane, Highfield07:13
Shevingtons Lane, Ebony Way07:14
Shevingtons Lane, St Paul's Close07:15
Bank Lane, Conway Close07:16
County Road, St Kevins Drive07:18
Hall Lane, County Road07:20
Hall Lane, Old Hall Lane07:21
Kirkby Bus Station, Stand 307:23
Webster Drive, St Chad's Drive07:24
County Road, Simonswood Lane07:26
County Road, Lees Road07:28
South Boundary Road, Lees Road07:29
South Boundary Road, Stop C 07:31
South Boundary Road, Spinney Road07:32
Coopers Lane, East Lancashire Road07:33
Ormskirk Road, East Lancashire Road07:34
Knowsley Lane, Ormskirk Road07:35
School Lane, Knowsley Lane07:35
School Lane, Caddick Road07:37
School Lane, Gellings Road07:38
Callestock Close, Willow Way07:42
Middle Way, Tintagel Road07:43
Middle Way, Trispen Road07:44
Altcross Road, Cubert Road07:44
Altcross Road, Sceptre Road07:45
Storrington Avenue, Stonebridge Lane07:46
Storrington Avenue, Worrow Road07:47
Utting Avenue East, Carsington Road07:49
Utting Avenue East, Stalisfield Avenue07:50
Utting Avenue East, Lewisham Road07:51
Utting Avenue East, Lorenzo Drive07:52
Utting Avenue East, Back Broadway07:53
Townsend Avenue, Utting Avenue East07:54
Townsend Avenue, Queens Drive07:55
Townsend Avenue, Maiden Lane07:56
Townsend Lane, Pinehurst Avenue07:57
Townsend Lane, Vicar Road07:58
Townsend Lane, Lower Breck Road08:00
Breck Road, Sedley Street08:00
Breck Road, Belmont Road08:01
Breck Road, Queens Road08:02
Breck Road, Dobson Street08:03
Breck Road, Everton Road08:04
Everton Road, Plumpton Street08:05
Everton Road, West Derby Road08:06
Prescot Street, Low Hill08:08
Prescot Street, Epworth Street08:08
London Road, Stop R08:10
Roe Street, Stop A08:13
Dale Street, Stop DC08:15
Dale Street, Stop DE08:16
Lord Street, Stop LA08:18
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