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ARR Arriva Merseyside


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James Street, Stop JA06:0006:2006:3506:50
Roe Street, Stand 706:0406:2406:3906:54
London Road, Stop C06:0706:2706:4206:57
London Road, Gildart Street06:0906:2906:4406:59
Brunswick Road, Stop A06:1006:3006:4507:00
Everton Road, Brunswick Road06:1306:3306:4807:03
Everton Road, Plumpton Street06:1306:3306:4807:03
Heyworth Street, Lloyd Close06:1406:3406:4907:04
Breck Road, Lance Close06:1506:3606:5107:06
Breck Road, Faraday Street06:1706:3706:5207:07
Breck Road, Grasmere Street06:1806:3806:5307:08
Breck Road, St Andrew Road06:1806:3906:5407:09
Townsend Lane, Abbey Road06:1906:4006:5507:10
Townsend Lane, Vicar Road06:2106:4106:5607:11
Townsend Lane, Pinehurst Avenue06:2206:4206:5707:12
Townsend Lane, Richard Kelly Drive06:2206:4306:5807:13
Townsend Lane, Cherry Lane06:2306:4406:5907:14
Townsend Avenue, Sandyville Road06:2406:4507:0007:15
Townsend Avenue, Broad Lane06:2606:4707:0207:17
Utting Avenue East, Townsend Avenue06:2606:4707:0207:17
Utting Avenue East, Parthenon Drive06:2706:4807:0307:18
Utting Avenue East, Sedgemoor Road06:2806:4907:0407:19
Utting Avenue East, Scargreen Avenue06:2906:5007:0507:20
Utting Avenue East, Cottesbrook Road06:3006:5107:0607:21
Storrington Avenue, Oakgate Close06:3206:5307:0807:23
Storrington Avenue, Waterstone Close06:3206:5307:0807:23
Altcross Road, Standard Road06:3306:5407:0907:24
Altcross Road, Unicorn Road06:3406:5507:1007:25
Altcross Road, Cubert Road06:3506:5607:1107:26
Middle Way, Mullion Road06:3606:5707:1207:27
Middle Way, Newlyn Road06:3606:5707:1207:27
Willow Way, Petherick Road06:3806:5907:1407:29
East Lancashire Road, M5706:3907:0007:1507:30
Moorgate Road North, Old Farm Road06:4007:0107:1607:31
Moorgate Road North, Bewley Drive06:4107:0207:1707:32
Moorgate Road North, Shaldon Close06:4107:0207:1707:32
Moorgate Road North, Lindby Close06:4207:0307:1807:33
South Boundary Road, Lees Road06:4307:0407:1907:34
South Boundary Road, Stop B 06:4407:0507:2007:35
South Boundary Road, Hornhouse Lane06:4507:0607:2107:36
Lees Road, County Road06:4607:0707:2207:37
Charley Wood Road, Lees Road06:4607:0707:2207:37
Webber Road, Charley Wood Road06:4707:0807:2307:38
Birchill Road, Newstet Road06:4807:0907:2407:39
Hammond Road, Ashcroft Road06:4907:1007:2507:40
Acornfield Road, Moss End Way06:5007:1107:2607:41
Acornfield Road, Ashcroft Road06:5007:1107:2607:41
Acornfield Road, Ashcroft Road06:5107:1207:2707:42
Acornfield Road, Kirkby Bank Road06:5107:1207:2707:42
Acornfield Road, Charley Wood Road06:5207:1307:2807:43
Gale Road, Admin Road06:5307:1407:2907:44
South Boundary Road, Stop D 06:5407:1507:3007:45
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