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HUY Huyton Travel


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St Helens Bus Station/Stand 219:4421:44
Corporation Street, St Helens Central Station19:4421:44
Corporation Street, Phoenix Brow19:4521:45
Pocket Nook Street, Wood Street19:4621:46
Park Road, Merton Bank Road19:4821:48
Park Road, Mulcrow Close19:4921:49
Park Road, Blackbrook Road19:4921:49
Blackbrook Road, Link Avenue19:5121:51
Blackbrook Road, Chain Lane19:5121:51
Blackbrook Road, O' Sullivan Crescent19:5221:52
West End Road, Waine Street19:5221:52
West End Road, Old Whint Road19:5321:53
West End Road, Sumner Street19:5321:53
Clipsley Lane, West End Road19:5421:54
Clipsley Lane, Grosvenor Road19:5521:55
Clipsley Lane, Squires Close19:5521:55
Clipsley Lane, O'Connell Close19:5621:56
Clipsley Lane, Stanton Close19:5621:56
Clipsley Lane, Grange Valley19:5721:57
Church Road, Halton Street19:5721:57
Church Road, North Street19:5821:58
Piele Road, Birch Road19:5821:58
Piele Road, Bluebell Avenue19:5921:59
Millfield Lane, Piele Road20:0122:01
Millfield Lane, Andover Road20:0222:02
Millfield Lane, Liverpool Road20:0322:03
Tithebarn Road, Millfield Lane20:0322:03
Tithebarn Road, Gibbons Road20:0422:04
Tithebarn Road, Garswood Road20:0522:05
Garswood Road, Gibbons Road20:0522:05
Station Road, Garswood Station20:0622:06
Station Road, Langholm Road20:0622:06
Garswood Road, Smock Lane20:0722:07
Billinge Road, Garswood Road20:0822:08
Billinge Road, Smock Lane20:0922:09
Billinge Road, Rectory Road20:1122:11
Rectory Road, Rectory Road20:1122:11
Rectory Road, Booths Brow Road20:1222:12
Booth's Brow Road, Brocstedes Avenue20:1222:12
Downall Green Road, Booths Brow Road20:1322:13
Downall Green Road, Primary School20:1422:14
Downall Green Road, Meadowcroft20:1422:14
Downall Green Road, Dryden Avenue20:1522:15
Downall Grn Road, Bryn Cross20:1622:16
Wigan Road, Bryn Station20:1622:16
Wigan Road, Old Road20:1722:17
Wigan Road, Cansfield Grove20:1822:18
Wigan Road, Jubilee Park20:1922:19
Gerard Street, The Gerard Centre20:2122:21
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