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STA Stagecoach Merseyside


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Queen Square Bus Station/Stand 705:02
Scotland Road, Leeds Street05:05
Scotland Road, Woodstock Street05:08
Scotland Road, Boundary Street05:09
Kirkdale Road, Wrexham Street05:10
Kirkdale Road, Smith Street05:10
Walton Road, Sandheys Close05:12
Walton Road, Fountains Road05:12
Walton Road, Bradewell Street05:13
County Road, Ludlow Street05:14
County Road, Arundel Street05:15
County Road, Makin Street05:15
County Road, Breeze Hill05:17
Rice Lane, York Street05:17
Rice Lane, Clock Tower Drive05:19
Rice Lane, Rawcliffe Road05:19
Rice Lane, Rice Lane Station05:20
Rice Lane, Orrell Park Station05:21
Longmoor Lane, Warbreck Moor05:22
Longmoor Lane, Goodacre Road05:23
Longmoor Lane, Greenwich Road05:23
Longmoor Lane, Seeds Lane05:24
Longmoor Lane, Sixth Avenue05:24
Longmoor Lane, Fazakerley Station05:25
Longmoor Lane, Longmoor Close05:26
Longmoor Lane, Sherwoods Lane05:27
Longmoor Lane, New Hall Cottages05:27
Longmoor Lane, Haven Road05:28
Valley Road, Aintree Lane05:28
Valley Road, Ingoe Lane05:30
Whitefield Drive, Elstead Road05:32
Whitefield Drive, Ingoe Close05:33
Whitefield Drive, Houlston Road05:33
Whitefield Drive, Lingtree Road05:34
Whitefield Drive, Kirkby Station05:35
Kirkby Row, Kirkby Station05:35
Kirkby Row, Old Hall Lane05:36
Hall Lane, Old Hall Lane05:37
Hall Lane, Millbrook Drive05:37
Old Rough Lane, Briery Hey Avenue05:38
Old Rough Lane, Bigdale Drive05:39
Quarryside Drive, Harleston Road05:39
Simonswood Lane, Mintor Road05:40
Simonswood Lane, Simonswood Walk05:41
Simonswood Lane, Farrier Road05:41
County Road, Lees Road05:43
South Boundary Road, Lees Road05:44
South Boundary Road, Admin Road05:45
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