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ARR Arriva Merseyside


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Chester Street, Woodside Interchange06:0006:30
Bridge Street, Hamilton Square Station06:0006:30
Hamilton Square, Argyle Street06:0106:31
Birkenhead Bus Station/Stand 206:0306:33
Conway Street, Parkfield Avenue06:0306:33
Conway Street, Exmouth Street06:0406:34
Park Road North, Park Road East06:0406:34
Park Road North, Newling Street06:0506:35
Park Road North, Ashville Road06:0506:35
Park Road North, Morley Avenue06:0606:36
Laird Street, Plumer Drive06:0706:37
Laird Street, Dundonald Street06:0706:37
Laird Street, Arkle Road06:1006:40
Hoylake Road, Challis Street06:1106:41
Hoylake Road, Hoblyn Road06:1106:41
Hoylake Road, Hurrell Road06:1206:42
Hoylake Road, Bidston Village Road06:1206:42
Bidston Village Road, Eleanor Road06:1406:44
Bidston View, Fender Way06:1406:44
Fender Way, St Oswalds Avenue06:1506:45
Fender Way, Bidston Green Drive06:1506:45
Fender Way, Beechwood Drive06:1706:47
Fender Way, Fifth Avenue06:1706:47
Fender Way, Third Avenue06:1806:48
Fender Way, Second Avenue06:1906:49
Fender Way, First Avenue06:1906:49
Upton By Pass, Upton Station06:2006:50
Ford Road, Upton By-Pass06:2106:51
Ford Road, Ford Drive06:2106:51
Ford Road, Salacre Lane06:2206:52
Arrowe Park Road, Ford Road06:2306:53
Arrowe Park Road, Sullivan Avenue06:2306:53
Arrowe Park Road, Leeswood Road06:2406:54
Arrowe Park Road, Arrowe Brook Road06:2506:55
Arrowe Park Road, Pool Lane06:2606:56
Arrowe Park Hospital, Arrowe Park Hospital Internal Grounds06:2706:57
Houghton Road, Greenwood Road06:3007:00
Houghton Road, Whitefield Close06:3107:01
Houghton Road, Hoole Road06:3107:01
Houghton Road, Hoole Road06:3107:01
Houghton Road, Whitefield Close06:3207:02
Pemberton Road, The Meadow06:3307:03
Pemberton Road, Home Farm Road06:3407:04
Home Farm Road, Hoole Road06:3407:04
Ackers Road, Home Farm Road06:3507:05
Woodchurch Road, Palmwood Close06:3807:08
Woodchurch Road, Prenton Dell Road06:3807:08
Woodchurch Road, Holm Lane06:3907:09
Woodchurch Road, Dovedale Close06:4007:10
Woodchurch Road, Osmaston Road06:4107:11
Woodchurch Road, Curzon Road06:4107:11
Woodchurch Road, Storeton Road06:4207:12
Storeton Road, Fairview Road06:4207:12
Storeton Road, Storeton Close06:4307:13
Ingestre Road, Mill Hill06:4307:13
Talbot Road, Ringwood06:4407:14
Talbot Road, Village Road06:4407:14
Bidston Road, Willow Lea06:4507:15
Bidston Road, Wexford Road06:4607:16
Bidston Road, Budworth Road06:4607:16
Bidston Road, Howbeck Road06:4707:17
Bidston Road, Blaydon Walk06:4707:17
Ashburton Road, Hill Road06:4907:19
Tolllemache Road, Shrewsbury Road06:4907:19
Egerton Road, Manor Hill06:5007:20
Park Road South, Park Road West06:5107:21
Park Road South, St Hughs Close06:5207:22
Park Road South, Francis Avenue06:5207:22
Claughton Road, Paterson Street06:5307:23
Claughton Road, Bentinck Street06:5307:23
Claughton Road, Cardigan Avenue06:5407:24
Hemingford Street, Elm Street06:5407:24
Conway Street, Clwyd Street06:5407:24
Europa Boulevard, Conway Park Station06:5507:25
Bridge Street, Hamilton Street06:5707:27
Chester Street, Woodside Interchange06:5807:28
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